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Mods are upgrades in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed that change the statistics of a certain character's vehicle. Mods are unlocked by leveling up the characters, with the exception of Console Mods, which are unlocked in World Tour with stars earned from beating missions.

Mod types

Normal Mods

  • Standard: The basic Mod of the character which comes automatically.
  • Balanced: A Mod that evenly balances statistics.
  • Speed: A Mod that increases the maximum speed of the vehicle.
  • Handling: A Mod that increases the handling of the vehicle.
  • Acceleration: A Mod that increases the acceleration of the vehicle.
  • Boost: A Mod that increases the boost power of the vehicle.
  • Super: An enhanced version of another Mod that isn't the Standard or the Console Mods; it changes for each character.

Console Mods


  • When using the Genesis/Mega Drive Mod, Amy's statistics resemble the ones in the DS version of the first game.
  • Shadow is the only Sonic character to not use the Genesis/Mega Drive Mod.
  • For a short time there was an unknown reason, Alex Kidd's Console Mod could not be unlocked in the Wii U version of the game.
  • Alex Kidd is the only character to use the Genesis/Mega Drive Mod that is not a Sonic character.
    • He also didn't debut on the Genesis either but on the Master System.
  • Despite the fact that Amy did not make her game debut and Metal Sonic did not make their debut on the Genesis/Mega Drive, they can use can use the Genesis Mod since they made their debut on the Sega Mega-CD. However, the CD is an add-on to the original Genesis and cannot function independently, implying it is still a part of the Genesis.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

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