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Coloursds mole

The Mole is a Badnik created by Doctor Eggman that appears in both the Wii and Nintendo DS versions of Sonic Colors. The Mole seems to be a successor or another version of Grounder.


Moles are basic looking Badniks, that feature golden yellow drill nose, diving glasses on its head and sharp metallic fingers on arms to dig fast, while it is able to move forward with two continuous tracks. There exist two versions of Mole Badniks, although both versions only differ slightly. The first variation is basic purple one, while second variation is bigger and colored blue.


The Moles are located almost every level of the game, usually in groups, whenever the player is using the Yellow Drill to traverse underground where they wait to ambush the player. Moles are trying to attack toward the player by chasing down behind or lateral directions. The player is able to destroy Badniks simply by drilling forward on them. If a Mole is not underground, it will twitch and explode.

The Nintendo DS version of the game only features the first variation of these Badniks, which apparently instead of purple are seen colored blue. When they destroyed, they earn the player 5.000 points.


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