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The Mole[1] is an enemy that appears in both the Wii and Nintendo DS versions of Sonic Colors. Moles are a Badnik models created by Dr. Eggman which burrow and charge at their target underground. They come in two different sizes.


Coloursds mole

Moles are basic looking Badniks with golden yellow drill noses, diving glasses on eyes and smiling expression on their face. They also have sharp metallic fingers for digging and two continuous tracks as hind legs. There are two versions of the Moles, although both versions only differ slightly in design. The pink Mole Badniks are rather common with red eyes, while the second is blue and twice as large compared to the pink variant, with cyan eyes.

Powers and abilities

The Moles are heavily weak against frontal attacks, as they instead try to charge into their target from behind, above or below. Regular Moles are slightly faster compared to the large ones, which react slowly to their target's movements.


In Wii version, Moles can be found below the soil sections of Tropical Resort Act 1, 2, 3, 4 and several Game Land Acts. They are usually in groups and will ambush the player whenever they are using the Yellow Drill to traverse underground. If the player chooses one of Underground Pipes, it can also summon Moles. Moles are trying to attack toward the player by chasing down behind or lateral directions. The player is able to destroy Badniks simply by drilling forward on them. If a Mole is not underground, it will twitch and explode.

The Nintendo DS version of the game only features the blue Moles, though they are much smaller. They can be found below the soil sections of Planet Wisp, where they similarly attack on the player after seeing Sonic. Some Mole Badniks have rather simple pattern of burrowing back and forth. Getting hit by their drill parts will damage the player despite using the Yellow Drill. When they destroyed, the player earns 5.000 points.


  • The Mole is highly similar to both Burrobot and Grounder, though it is not clear whatever the Mole is successor or refurbished model of them.





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