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Quotation1 Now, I spent all day planning this dinner and you ruined it. You're my son! You shouldn't upset me like this. Quotation2
— Mombot, "Mombot"

Mombot is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. She is a human-based robot that Dr. Eggman created to be his mother.[2]



Mombot's full profile compared to Dr. Eggman.

Mombot is a humanoid robot about a head shorter than Dr. Eggman. Possessing an ellipsoid red chest with a gray rim around the lower half and on the front, she has an instrument board on her back and a pink flower pattern around her neck. She also has a gray head with a flat face and a large, metallic blonde bouffan. For facial features, she has eyes with thin black pupils and cyan sclera, two brown spikes that resemble Eggman's mustache, rosy cheeks, and a round mouth with red lips. She also has small gray and black arms with short red and yellow sleeves, four-fingered yellow hand sections with white fingers, a wide, metallic red skirt, and small gray legs with black feet.


TV series

Season two


Mombot hosting Sonic and Eggman's playdate.

Mombot was built by Dr. Eggman when he wanted unconditional love. Programmed to be Eggman's ideal mother, Mombot would care for the happy Eggman after coming online. When Eggman moped over his latest loss to his arch enemy, Sonic, though, Mombot suggested Eggman got another career and began arranging playdates for him and Sonic (later accompanied by his friends) so they could make peace, much to Eggman's dismay. Meanwhile, Mombot disapproved of Eggman's attempt to impress her by defeating Sonic and eventually grounded him for it. Mombot was later given a world cruise by Eggman (so to secretly get rid of her), which she happily accepted.[2] Afterward, Mombot would get her own house outside Hedgehog Village.[3]

Mombot was eventually visited by Eggman and Morpho (the latter of whom she saw as her son too). When they began arguing though, Mombot gave them a timeout and told them to get along by working together to defeat Sonic. While the two would return to recover after their latest plan failed, Mombot was still proud of how well they had worked together.[3]


Having been programmed be the perfect loving being for a supervillain, Mombot possesses a strong maternal personality and is filled with unconditional love. She is thus kind, encouraging, helpful, nurturing and caring when it comes to the overall treatment of her perceived children, whom she dots moderately while treating them with the best of care and intentions. She is likewise proud of her children for their accomplishments, no matter how lame they are. Her kindness extends towards others as well, like when she knitted a sweater for Sticks when she thought the badger was freezing.[2]

Although kind-hearted, Mombot is also overly critical and can be quite assertive. If she thinks it will help, she will take charge when things do not go as planned, like when she arranged playdates between Sonic and Eggman so they could make peace and help Eggman overcome his obsession with Sonic. She will bring out some tough love as well to raise her children properly. Nonetheless, she is always strict in a gentle way and behaves like this out of genuine love.[2][3]

Powers and abilities


Mombot with her fingers configured into knives.

Mombot possesses configurable hands which can turn into knives for cutting and knitting pins for knitting (the latter of which she has enough proficiency in to knit a sweater in a few seconds).[2] She also possesses telescopic arms strong enough to lift someone at Eggman's size with ease.[3]

Mombot has eyes installed in the back of her head (which ironically cannot be seen), making it impossible to surprise her from behind. She also appears to be a good cook.[2]


Doctor Eggman


Mombot hugging Eggman.

Dr. Eggman is Mombot's creator (which Eggman thinks makes him her "father" in some way), who created her to give him motherly love. Having been designed to be his mother, she sees Eggman as her legitimate son.[2]

As her programming dictates, Mombot loves Eggman unconditionally and will praise even his lamest feats. Personally, she wants him to become a real doctor. While Mombot takes care of Eggman with lots of love though, she has gone a step beyond Eggman's expectations by giving him some unexpected tough love too. As such, Mombot does not always give Eggman the support he hopes for, and will criticize him and do things he does not agree with to help him. She also thinks he has an unhealthy obsession with Sonic, which prompted her to arrange playdates between them to help Eggman get over his animosity. She likewise maintains a commanding presence around Eggman and will ground him when he misbehaves. Despite all this though, Mombot always has Eggman's best interests at heart.[2]

Sonic the Hedgehog

While Sonic the Hedgehog is the arch enemy of her "son", Dr. Eggman, Mombot thought at first that Sonic sounded like a "nice boy", and would even pay him to have him attend playdates with Eggman in hopes of making them friends. When she finally met Sonic, Mombot deemed him a polite young man. She also shows an interest in Sonic's relationship with Amy.[2]


Morpho is one of Dr. Eggman's accomplices. Due to how Morpho initially introduced himself as Eggman's long-lost brother, Mombot considers Morpho to be her son as well (no matter what Eggman says). Being the good mother she was designed to be, Mombot treats Morpho as well as she treats Eggman, be it either when showing him tough love or praising him.[3]


"Oh, my poor baby. Maybe villainy isn't for you. You're good with tinkering. Maybe you can take a course in air conditioner repair."
—Mombot's suggestion to Dr. Eggman after hearing of his latest defeat, "Mombot"
"Well, I'm just gonna have to make peace between you and Sonic myself."
—Mombot disappointed at Eggman's attempt to make peace with Sonic, "Mombot"
"Who let you leave the house dressed like that? You must get chilly."
—Mombot telling Sticks to be more cozy, "Mombot"
"What son would do that for his mother? I am so proud."
—Mombot showing pride at Eggman for the world cruise he has given her, "Mombot"


  • Mombot has a maiden series number.[4] However, the writers have stated there is no serial number but rather it is just a joke.[5]


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