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Monkey Dude
Monkey Dude
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog 3


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

Biographical overview

Dr. Eggman

Physical description


Color scheme

Blue, yellow, black, gray


White eyes with black pupils.

Alignment and character traits



Eggman Empire

Powers and abilities

Throwing coconuts.

Monkey Dude (モンキー・デュード Monkī de~yūdo?),[1] later known in Japan as Saruder (サルダー Sarudā?),[citation needed] is a monkey-type Badnik that is created by Dr. Robotnik. Monkey Dude has made its only appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 3.


Monkey Dude is very similar to Coconuts from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, that is featured in the first Zone in the game, Angel Island Zone. Just like Coconuts, they are found climbing on palm trees and throwing coconuts. Monkey Dudes are either placed on looking left or right and they never turn around. They also climb up and down.

When the player is near close at the front of Monkey Dude's gaze, it will only throw single coconut into mid-air. If the player manages to run past the Badnik, it will not throw it, but instead keeps the coconut on the hand, since it is not able to turn around. The coconut will fly for small distance. After Monkey Dude has thrown coconut, it remains helpless and vulnerable, as it keeps repeating its moving pattern and can be easily defeated by doing Spin Jump.


Physical Appearance


Monkey Dude's design is slightly heavy construction. It has blue metallic body and hands and white tail. It has wide eyes and yellow mouth. Monkey Dude is not seen to have legs, as it hangs on the palm trees with the support of right hand and primate tail. However the left hand, where the Monkey Dude is holding the coconut, is segmented with four round parts.


Monkey Dude clings to tree tops, waiting for the player to come near. When it spots the player, it flings a coconut. Each Monkey Dude only has one coconut (going a certain distance away and returning will reset the coconut), and it has terrible aiming skills and the coconut has medium spiral gap, when it is thrown.


  • Although Monkey Dude hasn't made appearance in Sonic the Comic, it is featured along with other Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Badniks in the Sonic's World feature of the first Sonic the Summer Special.
  • The alternate Japanese name for this Badnik comes from saru, which means 'monkey' in Japanese.
  • The Badnik's name was misspelled "Monky Dude" in Sonic Jam.


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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

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