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Sonic Forces
Mortar Canyon

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Mortar Canyon is a stage navigated by the Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Forces, and the twenty-sixth stage overall.



With Infinite's Phantom Ruby prototype having been drained severely of energy from forming an artificial sun that was destroyed by the Avatar, Sonic makes his way to Infinite to defeat him once and for all while he is still weak. While doing so, Knuckles commands all of the Resistance ships to attack, and take as much fire-power off of Sonic as possible. Eventually though, the Resistance's ships are forced into retreat by the Eggman Fleet. By the time of the Resistance's retreat however, Sonic has already reached the central tower where Infinite is.


Mortar Canyon puts a lot of emphasis on the player's platforming skills. Throughout the stage are small plaforms and narrow paths, all suspended over bottomless pits; one mistake, and Sonic will fall off the edges and to his doom. The stage also has several cannons that fire projectiles; both the projectiles and cannons can be targeted (and destroyed) with the Homing Attack.



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