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For the secret boss in the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors, see Nega-Mother Wisp.
Quotation1 That's a nice mother you have there, Yacker! Quotation2
Mother Wisp
The Mother Wisp on Planet Wisp.
First appearance

Sonic Colors (DS version)


Sonic Generations (3DS version; cameo)

Biographical overview
Also known as

Mama (by Yacker)


The Wisp race (children)

Physical description







Pink, mauve, carnation pink, columbia blue



Alignment and character traits



The Wisp race


Her children


Her kind's planets pulled away from each other

Skills, abilities and powers
  • Flight
  • Hyper-go-on usage
  • Asexual reproduction
  • Cosmic creation

Mother Wisp (マザーウィスプ Mazā Uisupu?) is a female Wisp that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors. She is the creator of Planet Wisp, and the progenitor of the entire Wisp race. After Dr. Eggman had kidnapped her planets, Mother Wisp was captured by Eggman himself and transformed into the monstrous Nega-Mother Wisp, before she was returned to normal by Sonic the Hedgehog.


Mother Wisp closely resembles a jellyfish in overall appearance. Her head is ellipsoid in shape, and is colored pink with circular carnation pink markings on the sides, and upstanding fungus-like hair on top of it. She also three eyes with cyan irises vertically across her face.

Extending from around the bottom of her head, Mother Wisp have two layers of collar-like appendages, each of which are colored columbia blue and mauve respectively, and several thin pink tentacles. Also stemming from the bottom of her head, Mother Wisp have four extra long and round tentacles.


Much of Mother Wisp's history is unknown. What is known that she was the one who gave birth to the entire race Wisp. At some point, she created Planet Wisp, where she and her children came to live on.

For an unpresented amount of time, Mother Wisp gave life to the Wisps and raised them. Prior to Sonic Colors, however, Mother Wisp and her children were kidnapped by Dr. Eggman when the evil scientist dragged their planets to Earth so he harvest the Wisp's Hyper-go-on for his Mind Control Ray. Mother Wisp herself was also captured and completely drained of her Hyper-go-on in an experiment by Eggman to obtain large amounts of Hyper-go-on, transforming her into a Nega-Wisp known as the Nega-Mother Wisp. However, Mother Wisp's mutation turned her mindset into a violent, wild and uncontrollable monster which was beyond Eggman to control. The Nega-Mother Wisp eventually escaped Eggman's captivity and went into hiding.

After Sonic defeated Eggman and Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park was destroyed, the Nega-Mother Wisp revealed herself in the space above Earth and began a violent and destructive rampage. Before she could cause any real damage, however, she was confronted by Super Sonic who defeated her and seemingly purged her of her corrupted Hyper-go-on, reverting her back to her original Mother Wisp persona. Mother Wisp then expressed her gratitude to Sonic and Tails saving her children, and explaining how worried she had become during this experience. Mother Wisp and Yacker then left Earth and joined the rest of their family as they returned the kidnapped planets to their original places in the universe.


Mother Wisp is a very nice and kind Wisp with a strong maternal instinct, and cares deeply for all her children. However, as implied by Sonic, she can be quite scary if someone were to get on her bad side.

Powers and Abilities

Mother Wisp is presumably the most powerful Wisp revealed in the Sonic the Hedgehog series so far, arguably only equaled by her Nega-Wisp form. As a Wisp, Mother Wisp is able to float in midair at will, which serves as her main method for movement.

Mother Wisp is able to generate and store her own unique variant of a powerful energy known as Hyper-go-on inside her own body, which is her life source, and is presumed to be able to store much larger and more potent quantities of Hyper-go-on than any other known Wisp. It is unclear to what extent she is able to use her own Hyper-go-on, through she has been shown being able to use it to teleport herself and other objects.

Mother Wisp is seemingly able to reproduce asexually, allowing her to give birth to new Wisps without the need of a mate.

Mother Wisp has been revealed being able to create objects on a cosmic scale through an unknown procedure, being able to create small planets such as Planet Wisp.


—Mother Wisp saying "Thank you for helping my children. I am Mother Wisp" in her native tongue.
—Mother Wisp saying "I was so worried when our planets were pulled apart from one another" in her native tongue.


  • Mother Wisp is the only Wisp of her type revealed.
  • While most Wisps resemble octopi or squid, the Mother Wisp is the only Wisp to resemble a jellyfish.


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