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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Quotation1 I love it! I am very suggestable. Quotation2
Mr. Slate, "Robot Employees"

Mr. Slate is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic ox and a business tycoon who lives on Seaside Island. He is the owner of Meh Burger and other businesses in Hedgehog Village,[2] including a dig site for some Ancient ruins outside the Village.[3]

Concept and creation

Mr. Slate's name is a reference to Fred Flintstone's boss with the same name on the The Flintstones.[2] He also gets his catchphrase "You're fired" from George Jetson's boss, Mr. Spacely, on The Jetsons.[4]


Mr. Slate is an anthropomorphic ox of average height. He has a slightly large and round torso and head, relatively thin arms and slightly stubby legs. He also has light brown fur with pale beige skin on his front torso and wide muzzle, a medium-sized black snout, almost cylinder-like ears, a pair of short black-tipped white horns, and brown eyes. Additionally, he has a smooth brown mustache and thick eyebrows. For attire he wears a black-blue suit with a white shirt and red tie, a black-blue dark-banded top hat, white gloves and black shoes with white gaiters.


TV series


In the past, Mr. Slate invested in an archaeological dig site for some Ancient ruins outside of the Unnamed Village in hopes of making another tax shelter.[5]

Season one


Mr. Slate at the Awardy Awards.

Mr. Slate was one of the attendees at the Awardy Awards. There, he had an awkward moment when Sticks the Badger smelled him close up. When the award was being handed out, Mr. Slate had to flee when Dr. Eggman attacked everyone with his robots for not getting the award. Once Team Sonic took care of Eggman though, Mr. Slate returned to the gala.[6] When T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders then came to town, Mr. Slate paid it a visit.[7]

Finding his dig site in pieces, Mr. Slate demanded an explanation from his employee Charlie. However, after Charlie's "friend", Knuckles, talked back at him, Mr. Slate fired Charlie on the spot.[3]

Season two


Mr. Slate at a town meeting.

While at a town meeting, Mr. Slate learned that their village was named after Sticks' evil ancestor, Jebediah Badger. Eventually wanting the town renamed, Mr. Slate agreed to a referendum between Amy and Eggman's name propositions at another meeting. Getting enticed by Eggman's campaign, Mr. Slate showed up to vote. Afterwards, he paid a visit to the library.[8] Metting Eggman later on, Mr. Slate was convinced to let Eggman's competent robots run Meh Burger. Although Mr. Slate let Dave the Intern prove himself in a contest against one of the robots to keep his job, he fired him once he lost. When holding the reopening of the improved Meh Burger, however, Mr. Slate got trapped with the villagers in a force-field and sent towards space in Meh Burger by Eggman. Thanks to Team Sonic and Dave though, Mr. Slate was rescued, along with Meh Burger. As thanks, he made Dave Meh Burger's manager.[9]

When the Fregosi Sapphire was found at his dig site, Mr. Slate held an unveiling of the gem, hoping to earn a profit from it. Though he ran away when Eggman stole the gem at the event, he returned when Team Sonic got it back. However, Mr. Slate let the team keep the Sapphire to avoid the trouble it attracted.[5]


While very suggestable,[9] Mr. Slate is a strict employer, seeing as he fired Charlie when his associate talked back at him.[3] He is not unreasonable though, as he will give his employees a chance to prove themselves when their jobs are at stake. He was initially convinced that he had a hard time firing his employees personally, but he has since realized that he enjoys it on some level.[9]

Mr. Slate is very careful about spending money. His mind is very alert about how he can make the most out of his investments, and he has been known to cut corners when it comes to running a business to keep the costs low (as exemplified in Meh Burger's sub-standard management and products).[5][9] However, he is not a dishonest man, and he makes sure his businesses' codes of conduct are kept well within their legal limits. When in a good mood, he has also proven himself quite generous and celebratory.[9]


  • Mr. Slate's character model is derived from Mike the Ox's.


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