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Mr Scratchings[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic pig and a member of the Sky Pirates.


Mr Scratchings is a large anthropomorphic pig with a silver nose ring. He wears a yellow bandanna, a pair of grey gloves, dark purple pants, and a blue, striped shirt.


Under orders from Captain Plunder, Scratchings and some of his crew members kidnapped Proctor Speckle in order to forcibly recruit him into their pirate crew. Although Scratchings was successful in bringing Speckle back to the ship, the man refused to join, eventually leading to him consuming his Transformation Serum and changing into a monster, frightening Scratchings.[2]

Scratchings and the Sky Pirates eventually became allies with the transformed Speckle, now referring to himself as Mr. Fry.[3] However, of the sharks in the waters, which had drunk the Transformation Serum, attacked the ship, whereupon Plunder ordered Scratchings and his other henchmen to attacked, but Scratchings protested out of fear and did not fight, instead letting Fry handle them.[1]

When Captain Plunder returned from talking with Zorabel, Scratchings informed him of the presence of the Spice Maidens on their ship, but despite Plunder's protests, they were joined by them and Zorabel on their trip.[4] Later, when the crew arrived an the island in search of the Akotek Treasure, Scratchings and another pirate carried Zorabel on a chair while they explored the area.[5]

After dropping of the Spice Maidens and their mother, the Sky Pirates left with their share of the treasure, only for Scratchings to watch as his captain ended up tripping and causing the gold to fall overboard. Scratchings informed Plunder that the gold had disrupted the security shield, which in turn ended up allowing Captain Tiberius, a fellow pirate, to sink their ship and cause Scratchings and the rest of his crew to end up stranded on an island.[6]


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