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Mushroom Hill

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For other uses of "Mushroom Hill", see Mushroom Hill (disambiguation).

Mushroom Hill is the fourth arena in Sonic the Fighters.


The match against Espio the Chameleon is taken on giant sawn, tree stump, which has tall mushrooms surrounding. The background of the match arena has wide forest with larger mushrooms and small hills, similarly like in original zone in Sonic & Knuckles. Each time when the player gets bounced to the mushroom it drops small spores below the hat. As Espio is the opponent for this level, and once he is defeated, the player will receive an purple Chaos Emerald and will proceed to the next arena. Much like playing as Espio, Dr. Eggman will appear in an space ship and create a clone of Espio.



Sonic The Fighters Music- Mushroom Hill02:13

Sonic The Fighters Music- Mushroom Hill

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