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Music Note
Sonic after releasing a Music Note from the Bonus Bell.
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic Generations (console/PC version)

Other appearances

Sonic Lost World


Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic and Modern)

  • Unlocking collectibles (hub)
  • Minigame element
  • Aspect of Magenta Rhythm

Small musical notes with varying purposes.

Music Notes are objects that appear in Sonic Generations. They are objects that contain collectibles and/or are used for gameplay.


After clearing a Challenge Act and ringing the Bonus Bell on the Challenge Act Gate, a Music Note appears. Catching the Music Note results in new artwork or music tracks being added to the Collection Room. A blue Music Note gives the player a new piece of artwork, while a yellow Music Note gives the player a new music track. As the Music Note floats around a specific area, a countdown of twenty seconds is shown directly above the Music Note.

Vector: Pick Up the Beat


Vector sending the Music Note at Sonic.

The Music Note also appears in the fifth Challenge Act of Rooftop Run Act 2. In this Challenge Act, Vector produces a blue Musical Note with his singing voice and sends it at Sonic. The objective is to Homing Attack the Music Note and knock it back at Vector 30 times in order to make him miss the beat of the music. The color of the Musical Note changes to yellow after having been hit ten times by Sonic, also becoming faster. After the 20th hit, its color changes to red and the note gets at its fastest, making it the hardest to target.

Sonic Lost World

Music notes reappear in Sonic Lost World as apart of the new Color Power, Magenta Rhythm where Sonic bounces on the notes to advance in a stage as a special route.

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