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The Mysterious Traveller from Sonic the Comic #32. Art by Casanovas.

The Mysterious Traveller is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a strange, cloaked figure who arrived in the Emerald Hill Zone, apparently floating across the grass.


He claimed to have a gift for Sonic the Hedgehog: a monitor that could grant "mega-coolness beyond belief" to anyone who jumped into it. Sonic became immediately suspicious, believing the Traveller to be an agent of Robotnik, but Tails, intrigued by the prospect of being as cool as Sonic, took the leap in Sonic's place.

It was revealed that Sonic had been correct. The Mysterious Traveller was an agent of Robotnik, and his monitor was in fact an Inter-Zone Exchanger. Tails was transported to a dark, desolate place called the Misery Zone and replaced by an invincible demon from the same Zone. The Traveller commanded the demon to use its abilities (Polluto-Breath and Apocalypse Blast) to destroy the Emerald Hill Zone, but Sonic tossed the monitor back at the demon. Tails was returned home, and the demon released its Apocalypse Blast back in the Misery Zone, destroying it utterly. The Mysterious Traveller fled, and Sonic let him go knowing that Robotnik would punish him for failing in his mission.[1]


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