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The Mystic Mountain is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a large structure in the middle of the Desert of Eternity on Shanazar. It is home to the Mystic Genies and, formerly, the Mystic Globe.



For several generations, the kingdom of Shanazar held a mutual partnership with the Mystic Genies of the Mystic Mountain. Every so often, the Grand Vizier of Shanazar would escort a group of six chosen children to the mountain to be welcomed by the genies. By touching the Mystic Globe, the children could accept a genie into their bodies, allowing them to summon a genie to do their bidding for the benefit of the kingdom. Unfortunately, this process would make the children age considerably and die after five years.[1][2]

Final summoning

After Sonic the Hedgehog found himself on Shanazar, he accompanied Grand Vizier Dr. Ovi Kintobor on the latest of the ritual trips to Mystic Mountain. Before they could gain entry to the mountain, Sonic had to battle a giant scorpion. Inside, Sonic asked too many questions about what was happening and found himself being dragged into another world by the Lost Souls. Fortunately, it was all an illusion.[1] However, things got worse when Kintobor turned back into Dr. Robotnik and Sonic was made to fight the guardian spider, Sython.[1][3]

In the main chamber, Sonic urged the genies to stop the ritual but nothing could be done. Outraged that the children would only live for five years, Sonic smashed the Mystic Globe and led the children out of the mountain, even managing to beat the "Lost Souls" illusion conjured by the spirits. Robotnik wished to make a deal with the genies, supplying them children in return for the genies' power, but the genies refused his offer.[2]


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