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The Napalm Bomb, referred to as the Fire Bomb in the game's manual, is an item in Tails Adventure.


The Napalm Bomb is an oval-shaped object, it is blue with red lines and silver tips on either end.


The Napalm Bomb can be found in the Cavern Island.



Napalm Bomb as used to burn dried grass in Green Island.

As with other bomb-type weapons in Tails Adventure, the Napalm Bomb can be thrown by the player. When thrown, the Napalm Bomb will explode when making contact with the ground, causing pillars of flame to erupt and move forward for roughly three seconds. The pillars of flame will damage any enemies in their path as well as any enemies directly above them, making the Napalm Bomb useful for defeating enemies in high, hard to reach places.

Aside from defeating enemies, the Napalm Bomb can be used to burn through dense grass, allowing the player to access areas that are otherwise unreachable. The Napalm Bomb can also be used when crouching or jumping, but cannot be used whilst using Heli-Tails.

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