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Sonic Shuffle - Nature Zone icon

Nature Zone is the third board that appears in Sonic Shuffle.


The forest ruins were created for lovers of nature, but Void's dark pillars have begun marring the landscape. Large-mouthed gators patrol the stream: feel free to cross when their mouths are shut. As the game progresses, magic pillars fall from above and block key shortcuts. The Quest doesn't appear until the first six Precioustones have been acquired: a bird drops a treasure chest containing keys. Take a key to the action square to unlock the door to the final stone. Complete the stage to initiate the earthquake minigame. If the player comes first, the next cutscene is shown and the player moves onto the next board: the Riot Train.


  • This is the only board that requires the completion of the Quest to finish the board.
  • This is shown to be Amy's dream world in the opening of the game.


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