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The Neo-Geo Pocket Color, or NGPC, is a 16-bit color handheld game console designed by SNK, the makers of the Metal Slug series and Neo Geo home console.

After a good sales start in both the U.S. and Japan with 14 launch titles (a record at the time), subsequent low retail support in the U.S., lack of communication with third-party developers by SNK's American management, the craze about Nintendo's Pokémon franchise, anticipation of the upcoming 32-bit Game Boy Advance, as well as strong competition from Bandai's WonderSwan Japan, led to a sales decline in both regions.

Sonic games

Only one Sonic game was ever released on this console.


The system enjoyed a greater success than any Game Boy competitor since Sega's Game Gear. However, it was hurt by several factors, such as a lack of communication with third-party developers, the success of the Game Boy Color, and anticipation of the Game Boy Advance.


  • The Neo Geo Pocket Color had no region lock chip inside the hardware. This means owners can play any games from any region.
  • The Neo Geo Pocket Color does not have a D-Pad; instead it has a unique arcade-like microswitched stick.
  • Sonic Pocket Adventure is the second official Sonic game to be released on a system not made by Sega. The first was Sonic Jam on the console.


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