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Nerb Freedom Fighters

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The Nerb Freedom Fighters are a group off Freedom Fighters composed of Nerbs who were inspired by the Knothole Freedom Fighters.They oppose the efforts of takeover by the Nerb Dark Egg Legion(Nerb D.E.L) and its Grandmaster the Foreman.


Obiously inspired by the Knothole Freedom Fighters'efforts to save them from Dr. Ivo Robotnik.The Nerb Freedom Fighters broke from the conformist traditions of the race to stand agaisnt Dr. Eggman and his local Dark Egg Legion. Bringing together a blue haired hero,a princess,an inventor, a former legionare, and a warrior,the group set to liberate their people from invaders.



The Nerb Freedom Fighters are obiously a parody of the Knothole Freedom Fighters:

Sonic-Blue Haired Nerb

Sally-Nerb Princess

Tails-Nerb with Mechanical Skills

Antoine-Snooty Nerb

Bunnie-Legionized Nerb who defected from the Legion.

For some reason Rotor does not have a Nerb Parody of himself

The group first appeared in the Complete Sonic Encyclopedia

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