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A typical Nerb.

Nerbs are a race of subterranean Mobians, known for their nerdy appearances and behavior as well as being rather snobbish towards other Mobians.


It was not until Dr. Robotnik began underground construction that threatened the Nerbs air and water lines that the Knothole Freedom Fighters became aware of them. Meeting a Nerb scout who had come to the surface to investigate, they traveled to the city of Nerberhood to speak with the Nerb King, who blamed them for his people's problems regardless of having no proof. Expelling them from the city, the Nerbs were then surprised as the Freedom Fighters not only saved several of their kind from Robotnik, but thwarted his digging efforts by flooding the Mobius Sewer System. The Nerbs promptly thanked the Freedom Fighters by making them honorary Nerbs, an honor that the Freedom Fighters didn't much enjoy. (StH: #10)

The Nerbs later became part of the Dark Egg Legion, lead by a Grandmaster called The Foreman. (SU: 37)


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