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"New Echidna in Town"
Sonic Underground Ep29 Title
The title card for "New Echidna in Town".

Sonic Underground

Episode no.


Original airdate

October 7, 1999

Written by

Mark Edens

Sonic Underground
No Hedgehog is an Island
New Echidna in Town
Wedding Bell Blues

"New Echidna in Town" is the twenty-ninth episode of the Sonic Underground television series and the third of three episodes in the Chaos Emerald Crisis mini-series. The episode was written by Mark Edens and first aired on October 7, 1999. It was included in Volume 2 and Secrets of the Chaos Emerald.

The song performed in this episode is "The Mobius Stomp".


Knuckles reluctantly makes a deal with Robotnik to turn over Sonic and his family in exchange for finding the Chaos Emerald that will save Mobius. Knuckles soon regrets that he ever trusted the evil dictator after Robotnik begins to follow through on his plans to roboticize the Hedgehogs. Once Knuckles saves his friends from doom, a larger challenge is waiting for them. Dingo has swallowed an emerald and is now a giant monster creating havoc all over the planet. The Hedgehogs and Robotnik have to stop the mutant creature before Mobius falls into certain oblivion.

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