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New Year's Retribution

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"New Year's Retribution" is the thirty-eighth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 3 June 2015 in France and on 8 August 2015 in the United States.


While the rest of the village is celebrating New Year's Eve, Eggman decides to slow down time in order to complete his previous resolution of defeating Sonic... somehow.







At the start, Team Sonic is busy decorating the Village Center for a New Year's Eve party. Tails tries to shoot decorations out of a bazooka, but it fails. When Dr. Eggman attacks with his Ball Bots, they are easily taken care of, and the decorations are all set up. Meanwhile, at Eggman's lair, the doctor is sad that he has not beaten Sonic yet all year, and Orbot and Cubot suggest a game of checkers to cheer him up. That night, the party has started, and the people are dancing and having a good time while Soar the Eagle and Comedy Chimp interview the attendees. Back at the lair, Eggman quits the checkers game in frustration when Orbot brings out some pot roast made in a slow cooker. Eggman then has an idea to slow down time with a Slow Motion Machine made from slow cooker technology, so he can finally beat Sonic.

Shortly before the ball drop, Eggman arrives and uses his Slow Motion Machine. He is able to slow down time, but while everyone else is moving in slow motion, Sonic walks normally as his enhanced speed allows him so despite time being slowed down. Eggman tries to attack Sonic using laser beams and his robots but both are affected by the slow-mo as well. Sonic then suggests they compete in games such as dominoes, hopscotch, and chess. Sonic wins all of the events, including checkers at the end. The countdown is almost over, and after hearing Eggman's frustration at not winning, Sonic gives him one last shot with a dance-off. Both of them do a great job, but on Sonic's second attempt, he lets himself crash into some boxes. Sonic congratulates Eggman for finally beating him, and as time returns to normal, the New Year begins. Eggman tries to convince everyone that he beat Sonic, but the hedgehog points out that nobody really saw it because it all happened in the blink of an eye. Both Sonic and Eggman tell each other "Happy New Year", and then watch the fireworks together.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French La bonne resolution The Good Resolution
Finnish Uuden vuoden rangaistus New year's punishment
Italian Tutto in un minute All in a minute
Polish Noworoczne postanowienie New Year's resolution
Russian Новогодний реванш New Year rematch


  • The title of this episode is based on the phrase "New Year's Resolution".
  • During the episode, Knuckles makes various references to several real-world holidays. He mentions Easter, Halloween, Christmas and Groundhog Day, in that order.
  • Sonic's dancing moves are reminiscent of breakdancing. This might be a reference to his main series counterpart who has been known to be a practitioner of breakdancing.
  • This episode aired in France as the thirty-sixth episode in the series.
  • Knuckles mentions Santa Clause sneaking into his house even though he is a wanderer who lives in nature.


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