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Next Evolution

The Brotherhood of Guardians standing by a deceased-Knuckles.

The Next Evolution is a form of afterlife for the members of the Brotherhood of Guardians due to their connection to the Chaos Force.


The Next Evolution is a form of reality that exist on a higher plane of existence. Because of the member of the Brotherhood of Guardians' connection to the Chaos Force, when their members pass away, they do not "die" in the traditional sense of the word, but instead evolve to a higher plane, allowing their spirits to enter the Next Evolution.

From the Next Evolution, the spirits of the deceased the members of the Brotherhood of Guardians are capable of making contact with individuals back on Mobius' regular plane of reality that are wielding Chaos energy as well, such as when Hawking made contact with Chaos Knuckles and the appearance of such spirits to Guardians at the moments of their deaths.[1]

Known Inhabitants


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