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Not to be confused with Carnival Night Zone.

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Night Carnival (ナイトカーニバル Naitokānibaru?) is a zone in the game Sonic Rush. It is the fourth zone for Sonic and first zone for Blaze.


Though it shares most of its aspects with carnival based levels in other Sonic games, Night Carnival is less modern and and more fancy, its buildings classical and defined, the level more akin to a long lived city made over for a night festival. It features lots of neon and bright lights and the player somehow is able to stand on lights. There's also some parts of the zone in which the electricity goes out. This poses a problem, as some of the platforms and rails are powered by electricity and can't be used without it. The only way to advance is by pressing a switch to turn it back on. The song for Night Carnival is "Ska Cha Cha."


The boss is Egg Libra, which is fought in a circle on a high platform in the middle of the city in which Night Carnival takes place. One end has Dr. Eggman's/Eggman Nega's cockpit on it, and the other end has an electrified sphere. The boss will try to zap the player with electricity beams and also crush the player by slamming the sphere into the ground to make shock-waves. It even sends out little droids that come after the player. It can be defeated by hitting the sphere when it isn't electrified. This causes a seesaw effect; when the sphere is knocked up, the Eggmen's cockpit goes down, leaving it vulnerable to an attack. The boss can also be damaged by jumping on the little droids, which launch Sonic and Blaze up in the air so that they can hit the Eggmen without knocking them down. The boss Ghost Pendulum from Sonic Rush Adventure is very similar to this boss. The green Chaos Emerald and Sol Emerald are found here.


  • There's some chargeable springs in the zone that launch the player a great vertical distance when the player crouches on them (the longer you crouch, the higher you go). However, there's a particular spring that doesn't launch the player high enough to reach a platform; said platform can only be reached by using the Up+R Button moves (Hop Jump/Axel Tornado). Most players were unaware of this and got stuck there, and the spring became infamous just like the rotating cylinder in Sonic 3's Carnival Night Zone.
  • Coincidentally, the two levels mentioned above, which are both infamous for their tricky gimmicks, are not only both carnival-based, but they are the fourth zone for Sonic and the reverse of each other's name; Night Carnival, Carnival Night.



Sonic Rush Night Carnival Act 1 S-Rank- Sonic02:35

Sonic Rush Night Carnival Act 1 S-Rank- Sonic

Act 1- Sonic

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