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Nightmare Zone is a DLC stage that comes with the Deadly Six Bonus Edition of Sonic Lost World for the Wii U/PC. In this Zone, the player fights the Deadly Six with their mechs re-skinned in the form of the bosses from the game NiGHTS into Dreams....


The stage opens with Sonic running along a strip of land in Windy Hill before being taken to Nightmare by Wizeman the Wicked. Through a paraloop portal trap set by Reala, Sonic is thrown into a series of boss encounters with the Deadly Six and Wizeman's second level Nightmarens. After the bosses are defeated, NiGHTS appears and traps Reala in a paraloop, freeing Sonic from Wizeman's curse.

Boss re-skins

  • Zazz's Moon Mech is replaced with opera Nightmaren Puffy.
  • Zomom's totem platform is replaced with one of Wizeman's hands.
  • Master Zik's fruit is replaced with fish Nightmaren Gulpo.
  • Zeena's snowmen are replaced with cat Nightmaren Clawz and his mouse fireworks.
  • Zor's robotic owl is replaced with caped Nightmaren Jackle.
  • Zavok's robotic dragon is replaced with dragon Nightmaren Gillwing.


  • Many elements from the NiGHTS series appear in this stage.
  • At the entrance to this stage a dream cloud is shown depicting NiGHTS flying by the Bellbridge Clock Tower from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. When selected, Sonic lays down and goes to sleep indicating the zone is nothing more then a dream like in the games it comes from. Upon completion of the stage, Sonic wakes up and the dream cloud disappears.
  • NiGHTS' appearance in this stage marks the twelfth time NiGHTS has appeared in a Sonic game.
    • Likewise, this also marks the eighteenth time NiGHTS has appeared in a game alongside Sonic.
  • All seven of the bosses from Nights into Dreams appear in this Zone.
  • Reala appears in this stage, but the player does not fight him. This is quite ironic, as Reala has been featured as a boss in all NiGHTS games.
  • This is the first DLC stage to be released for Sonic Lost World.
  • This is the only DLC stage in Sonic Lost World that appeared in the PC version.


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