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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Quotation1 Your world is so illogical, so messy. I'm eliminating all life forms, and I am using your tech to do it! Quotation2
Nominatus, "Let's Play Musical Friends"

Norminatus is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He was a living computer virus[1] who plotted to destroy the real world's life forms. To this end, he seized control of Dr. Eggman's resources, but was destroyed by Orbot and Cubot.


Nominatus full appearance

Nominatus' full appearance.

Nominatus is a demonic-looking humanoid with black skin, red eyes, a red-glowing mouth, and red-glowing pattern-stripes around his arms, legs and waist. His features include two pointy ears, four horns protruding from his head, a grey arrow mark on his forehead surrounding a cyan triangle, and long red claws on his five fingers. For attire, he wears grey fringed cuffs, high-heeled black boots with knee-pads, a grey belt with a skull for buckle, and a large red and black cape.


TV series

Season one

Nominatus Screen avatar

Nominatus' screen avatar.

Seeking the means to eradicate all life forms, Nominatus met Dr. Eggman, who had the resources he needed, on the internet. He befriended Eggman over the chat, a relationship that made Orbot and Cubot feel unwanted and leave temporarily, and soon earned enough of his trust to see the schematics for Eggman's lair. Nominatus then secretly took control of Eggman's lair and robots. Though Orbot and Cubot tried to warn Eggman, Nominatus ousted the trio after announcing his agenda while launching an attack on Seaside Island with Eggman's robots. No sooner, Nominatus was confronted by Orbot and Cubot, who had infiltrated cyberspace to stop him. While Nominatus was certain of victory, Orbot and Cubot's flawed method of deciding who to fight Nominatus made him blow up from logical errors.[2]


Nominatus speech bubbles

Nominatus communicating with speech bubbles.

Nominatus was a malevolent and power-hungry artificial being. Deceitful and intelligent, he would gladly earn others' heartfelt trust, only to gleefully betray them without a pang of remorse. He valued logic and order above all else and hated the real world for being illogical and messy, a sense of contempt that compelled him to seek the destruction of the entire world and all its life forms.[2]

Nominatus was seemingly fearless and very confident, if not a little battle-hungry, as he eagerly invited Orbot and Cubot to fight him. At times, he would communicate with Smilies that appeared in low-bit speech bubbles around his face.[2]

Powers and abilities

A virtual being, Nominatus' powers were manifested in the manipulation of cyberspace, giving him potentially omnipotence within his realm. He could take control of computerized devices in the real world, his control going as far as to robots and weapon defenses. Supposedly, he could even manipulate the virtual reality around him to create environments, traps, and even give himself superpowers, like a degree of pyrokensis.[2]


Being so logically orientated, Nominatus is incapable of understanding and processing illogical concepts. Trying to process too many logical errors at once will ultimate cause him to overload.[2]




—Nominatus meeting Orbot and Cubot, "Let's Play Musical Friends"
"Your underlings are correct! You should never have trusted me! Now I've taken complete control of your lair!"
—Nominatus revealing his deceit, "Let's Play Musical Friends"
"You can't use Thursday! It's not an object!"
—Nominatus validating Orbot and Cubot's game of "Rock, donut, Thursday", "Let's Play Musical Friends"
"Logical reasoning impossible... Game incredibly stupid... Too stupid... Fatal error..."
—Nominatus' final words before his blows up from errors, "Let's Play Musical Friends"




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