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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Obliterator Bot is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. It is a colossal robot created by Dr. Eggman and a powerhouse in the doctor's robot legions.


Obliterator Bot is a fifty foot tall humanoid robot. It has a black frame with thick red plating on its legs, arms, front pelvis and back, and yellow two-toed feet. On each shoulder it has a large cyan bulb. It has a toothless chainsaw for its right hand and a two-fingered pincher for its left hand. Around its shoulders and each "hand" it is adorned with yellow hazard stripes, and on top of each shoulder and down behind its back it has a blocky speaker and an engine exhaust. It also possesses a blocky head with a large lower jaw, cyan eyes and a mining helmet-like plating on top.

A later iteration of Obliterator Bot had its chainsaw and pincher replaced with actual hands. It also had spikes on its gauntlets and yellow shoulders.


TV series

Season one

Obliterator Bot was first summoned by Dr. Eggman to eliminate Team Sonic as a part of an evil plot. Mishearing Eggman's order due to some system bugs however, Obliterator attacked Eggman's lair instead. As Team Sonic arrived, having been convinced by Eggman to stop it, Obliterator Bot was distracted by Knuckles, Amy and Sticks while Sonic, Tails and Eggman reached its kill switches in the lair. Now disabled, Obliterator Bot had its head knocked off with a metal plate by Sonic.[1]

Obliterator Bot later returned to play a role in Eggman's mind-enslavement movie. During the filming though, where Obliterator Bot attacked the villagers, Sonic and Tails stopped it by knocking its head off with an Enerbeam combo. Obliterator Bot was soon after rebuilt in time to watch the movie's premiere, but when the movie turned out a failure, it was sent away by Eggman.[2] Another time, while Eggman kept Sonic at bay when they competed in Bro-Down Showdown, Obliterator Bot tried to destroy the Village. If Sonic faced the robot, he would be disqualified. When Knuckles tried fighting Obliterator Bot alone though, Sonic stopped it from killing Knuckles. The heroes then took the robot down, though not before it fired a missile that destroyed Amy's couch.[3]

Obliterator Bot 2.0

An updated Obliterator Bot.

Eggman soon created a new Obliterator Bot with a laser superweapon which he tested on the Village. However, Team Sonic arrived and defeated Obliterator Bot by frying its processor with its own laser.[4]

Archie Comics

Obliterator Bot Archie Comics

Obliterator Bot in the Archie Comics.

Obliterator Bot was summoned by Dr. Eggman to attack the villagers at the Eggtoberfest when Eggman failed to earn their trust. However, it was knocked over by Sonic in a giant treadmill.[5]


Obliterator Bot is obedient and unwaveringly dedicated to Dr. Eggman's orders. However, due to kinks in its initial programming, it was not a very good listener, completely mishearing or ignoring Eggman's orders.[1] This problem has been fixed since then.

Powers and abilities

Obliterator Bot has high physical strength, toppling large trees, smashing metal bare-handed and throwing large boulders with ease. It has also demonstrated impressive durability, enough to be unfazed by even Knuckles' strikes.[3]

The standard Obliterator possesses several type of armaments, including a chainsaw-like weapon which can cut right through metal, a laser cannon in its right pincher, and missile launchers loaded with missiles powerful enough to fell whole Ferris wheels.[1][3][5] It is also equipped with sound systems on its shoulders which can not only play music, but also unleash powerful sound waves with concussive force.[1][3]

A later iteration of Obliterator was equipped with a magnifying glass-based wrist cannon which could concentrate solar rays into a deadly laser.[4]



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