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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Old Monkey[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an elderly anthropomorphic monkey who lives on Seaside Island and is a member of the Village Council of the local settlement.


The Old Monkey is a humanoid monkey about as tall as Sonic with auburn fur, violet eyes and peach skin on his belly, around his face and inside his round ears. He appears mostly hunched over with a long and crocked tail which ends in a curl, a white neckbeard, and white spouts of hair on both sides of his head near the neck. He also has a lower tooth sticking out of his mouth. His attire consists of a small black bowler hat, white cuff-less gloves, a white collar, red shocks with large cuffs and brown shoes. He is almost always seen carrying a cane.

In the Archie Comics, the Old Monkey has more light brown fur and hair, and his bowler hat is colored white.


TV series


In his teenage years, the Old Monkey was similar to Sonic in certain aspects. According to him, the best day in his life was when he got a free soda from a vending machine.[3]

Season one

The Old Monkey was among the villagers when a meteor shower hit the Village until Sticks the Badger averted it. The Old Monkey soon after attended the Awardy Awards, but at the height of the event, he fled as Dr. Eggman attacked with his robots when the doctor did not get the award.[4] After visiting Meh Burger,[5] the Old Monkey wandered the Village Center where he, to his dismay, watched a terrible street act put on by Orbot and Cubot.[6] He would also later pay a visit to T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders for a show.[7] When the Old Monkey talked with Lady Goat though, Dr. Eggman invaded Seaside Island, rounding up the Old Monkey and the other villagers to face his Mega. Fortunately, they were saved when Knuckles, who suffered from a case of bad luck, made the Mega destroy itself when he joined Eggman.[8]

The Old Monkey eventually revisited Meh Burger.[9] During one evening however, he and the other villagers were attacked by Moth Bot until Team Sonic stopped it. Following another visit at Meh Burger, the Old Monkey came to the trial between Sonic and Dr. Eggman when Eggman sued Sonic. As Eggman got exposed for fraud, the Old Monkey took the Walrus Child to safety when Eggman summoned his Badniks.[10] Later on, the Old Monkey noticed Eggman was selling his tomato sauce which was proven to be untainted to him and the villagers after Sonic tried it (although it was still part of an evil scheme).[11] Not long after, the Old Monkey was exposed to a painful sound when Sonic passed through the Village.[12] He would later return to the Village Center when Eggman got the universe stuck in a time loop. The Old Monkey thus relived the same day several times, unaware of the events, until the loop was broken.[13]

Old Monkey and Sonic

The Old Monkey meets Sonic.

Following more trips to Meh Burger,[14] the Old Monkey would come across Sonic several times and slow the hedgehog slow on his way to the library as he tried telling Sonic about the free soda he once got.[3] While continuing his visits at Meh Burger,[15] the Old Monkey got caught up in the Battle of the Buns between Chez Amy and Meh Burger. Depending on their gimmicks, the Old Monkey would switch between these restaurants, before settling at Chez Amy until Eggman destroyed it.[16] Later, the Old Monkey met Swifty the Shrew who dazzled him with his street style. He thus stood by Shifty in his race against Sonic, who lost to the shrew and got banished from the Village in accordance to the rules. However, the Old Monkey was betrayed by Swifty when it was unveiled he was a robot agent of Eggman's. The Old Monkey therefore regrouped with the Village Council as Swifty robots trashed the Village and brought Sonic back, who in turn got rid of Eggman's army.[17]

When Sticks was (forcibly) holding a yard sale, the Old Monkey dropped by for a look.[18] He would later see Knuckles while he acted as deputy major and got him to approve a law that let him shout in public areas. However, the Old Monkey soon saw chaos unfold in the Village due to the permits Knuckles recklessly approved.[19] Another time, the Old Monkey was minding his own business until he got involved in a scene Eggman was shooting for his film where he escaped from Obliterator Bot while saving the Child Monkey. He later came to the film's premiere at Eggman's lair, but when the movie failed to enslave the audience with hypnotism, the Old Monkey and the audience left.[20]

While at Meh Burger, the Old Monkey heard Sonic call Mike the Ox "just a guy." Believing Sonic was insensitive, the Old Monkey acted much like the spokesperson for the angry mob of fellow-minded villagers, reprimanding Sonic until he retired. However, as the Lightning Bolt Society began harassing the Village, the Old Monkey's attempts to get Sonic's aid failed. When Sonic returned to get both a sheep stampede, the Lightning Bolts and a surprise attack from Eggman under control though, the Old Monkey admitted to Sonic he was wrong about him. No sooner though, he was insulted by Willy Walrus.[21] Another time, as the Old Monkey heard of the global "beaver fever" phenomenon, he briefly suspected Fastidious Beaver of carrying an illness.[22] Later on, the Old Monkey saw Eggman argue with Leroy the Turtle at the post office, but left as Eggman summoned his Decimator Bot. He soon after had a laugh when he saw Tails do a dating dance in the Village Center.[23]

When Bro-Down Showdown was holding auditions, the Old Monkey showed up with Mike the Ox. Out of the two of them however, only Mike got on the show.[24] The Old Monkey later joined another angry mob at the town hall when Sonic was thought to be a thief, where Knuckles promised them to find Sonic. Later though, the Old Monkey saw Sonic and his allies return the stolen goods and prove Eggman was the culprit.[25] Some time after, the Old Monkey came to the Robot Battle Royale to watch the tournament, where he saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypno-bot at the end.[26] During a heatwave later on, the Old Monkey would later chat with Lady Goat at Meh Burger.[27] He also attended Puppy Con, where he saw Dave the Intern being innocently arrested for causing a rockslide, which turned out to be a set-up made by Eggman.[28]

While visiting Meh Burger,[29] the Old Monkey and the villagers were attacked by Eggman's new Obliterator Bot until Team Sonic stopped it and got the Greatest Role Model of All Time Award. This meant that one of the Old Monkey's trips to Meh Burger got delayed by the team's attempts to be role models. As Eggman returned, the Old Monkey alerted Team Sonic, although D.B. Platypus had him do it properly.[30] The Old Monkey later came to A Rose Without Thorns, a play put on by Team Sonic. Though he applauded the play, a storm broke out after the finale, and the Old Monkey took Sonic's offer to seek shelter in Amy's House.[31] During his next visits to the Village Center, the Old Monkey would watch Knuckles and the new villain Charlie throw down, with Knuckles emerging as the winner.[32]

Archie Comics

Old Monkey vs Eggman

The Old Monkey beating up Eggman, from Sonic Boom #5.

When in the Village Center, the Old Monkey met Dr. Eggman who offered to carry his bags. Suspecting Eggman was up to no good, he kept beating him with his cane. The Old Monkey later joined the Eggtoberfest hosted by Eggman, but as he noticed the rides were not working, an angry mob of villagers assembled and made Eggman fix them. The Old Monkey thus resumed the festival, but Eggman soon grew vengeful over the villagers' dislike of him and set his army loose, which Team Sonic then stopped.[33]


In his youth, the Old Monkey had a similar mindset to Sonic's, believing he had all the time in the world, although it is implied that he has moved on from that.[3] In his senior years, the Old Monkey is mild-mannered and polite, allowing youngsters like Sonic to get in front of him, although he is not afraid to be rough when the situation calls for it. He likes to talk about the past but comes off as absentminded, if not a little senile, as he forgets dialogues after a few minutes.[3] Nonetheless, the Old Monkey has occasional shown a very helpful and selfless side of himself by helping get the children of the Village to safety during Eggman attacks.[10][20]

The Old Monkey is shown to get very excited over rather mundane things, as he considers getting a free soda and being allowed to shout in public the best moments in his life.[3][19]


  • According to Bill Freiberger, the Old Monkey has not been given an actual name and is instead referred to as "Villager 10-Old Monkey" amongst the staff. However, he will be given a name when it comes up in a story.[2]


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