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Operation Starwatch was a government agency set up in the United Kingdom on Earth for the purposes of protecting the planet from alien invasions. It was under the control of Colonel Granite, who eventually subverted it and diverted military funding for his own ends, intending to use Operation Starwatch to conquer both Earth and planet Mobius, which they would then sell off to industrial developers for profit.

Starwatch has two bases, one in London and another somewhere in Scotland.


Members of Operation Starwatch detected the crash of a spaceship belonging to Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary, who were trying to return home to Mobius after being accidentally teleported into deep space. Granite and Starwatch took Amy and Tekno into custody, along with the human Professor Cratermass, whom they had met on Earth.[1] Amy, Tekno and Cratermass soon escaped from the Starwatch facility and returned to Cratermass' house, where Amy and Tekno were beamed back to Mobius using the Professor's gateway to infra-space. Before Granite and Starwatch could follow, Cratermass deleted the program.[2]

Following this, Granite began diverting military funding so that Operation Starwatch could create time travel, allowing him to travel back from 1998 to 1870 and use his modern day army and weapons to conquer America, which he would use as a base to conquer the rest of the world. He was defeated again by Amy and Tekno, who destroyed the time travel machine and escaped. However, Starwatch scientists were able to get copies of the co-ordinates of Planet Mobius.[3] They eventually created an inter-dimensional gateway and invaded Mobius. Sonic was transported to Earth,[4] where he met with the British Prime Minister and informed him of Granite's plans. Sonic then returned to Mobius through the back-up inter-dimensional gateway in the Starwatch base in Scotland. Although Sonic put up a good fight against Starwatch forces, the other defenders of Mobius had already been defeated, and he was outnumbered. However, Colonel Granite, Starwatch and all of their equipment was suddenly and inexplicably blown back through the dimensional portal by a freak weather storm. Back in the UK, Granite was arrested on orders of the Prime Minister.[5]


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