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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Orbot is an antagonist in the Sonic Boom series. He is a robot created by Dr. Eggman and the finalized model in the Orbot Series. One of Eggman's service robots, he assists the doctor in his various schemes for world domination and the destruction of Team Sonic, alongside his partner Cubot.


Orbot is virtually identical to his game counterpart. He is a diminutive robot with a round head composed of a semispherical red cap with a smaller black semisphere under it for a lower face. His lower face can separate to reveal a light blue cover, representing his mouth, and he has two grey-framed and pupil-less light blue eyes. He has also a black ball joint for a chest and red gloves for hands. His arms and back consist each of two thin grey bars that are joined by a black and red ball joint. His lower body is a small back semisphere with a grey inside and a ball joint connecting it to his back.

Although he does not normally wear attire, Orbot once wore a little lord Fauntleroy outfit with wig for one of Eggman's scheme.[4] For music montages, he has a rockstar costume that consists of a long-haired, spiky blond wig and a brown vest.[5] He also has a blue and white sailor suit he got from Mombot.[6]



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Orbot and Cubot Fire and Ice

Orbot and Cubot learning of D-Fekt.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Orbot and Cubot worried that Dr. Eggman's new miner mech, D-Fekt, would replace them when Eggman introduced him. As such, they were relieved when D-Fekt failed his testrun and were relegated to lesser tasks. Orbot later came with Eggman and Cubot to Eggman's Ragnium mine on Ragna Rock when Team Sonic invaded it. Although ordered to destroy the heroes, Orbot and Cubot disappeared from the scene when D-Fekt's newly-unveiled magnetic powers destroyed the mine.

TV series


Orbot was created by Dr. Eggman as the finalized model in the Orbot Series, the successor to the Cubot Series. Dubbed "the perfect Cubot," Orbot would become one of Eggman's service robots.[7] Over the next many years in service to Eggman, Orbot would endure much degradation.[2]

Season one

SBEP1 response

Orbot and Cubot hearing of Sonic's sidekick try-outs.

While residing in Eggman's lair, Orbot, Cubot and Dr. Eggman learned that Sonic was seeking a new sidekick. As Orbot voiced his opinions on Sonic's demands, he was silenced by Eggman.[8] Orbot and Cubot later joined Eggman's plan to exhaust Sonic and Tails for Obliterator Bot. Tricking the heroes into letting them stay at Tails' House, Orbot, Cubot and Eggman tired them out with obnoxious behavior. However, Eggman's plan backfired when Obliterator destroyed his lair instead, since Orbot and Cubot had not worked out the robot's kinks. The robot duo soon after saw Amy attempt therapy on Eggman.[9]

When Eggman planned to use Tails' robot UT, Orbot and Cubot secretly replaced the real UT with a duplicate made by Eggman to break Team Sonic apart. As Tails offered to become Eggman's assistant in exchange for UT's release, Orbot was assigned to draw up a job contract, only for Tails to have been rescued when he was done.[10] On a mission to get Eggman mechanical parts, Orbot and Cubot robbed the DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse. As Team Sonic arrived, the duo had their Bee Bots distract them while they escaped with their loot, with a little help from Buster who halted Sonic.[11]


Orbot and Cubot decorated for Modern Lair Magazine.

While helping Eggman with his mail, Orbot and Cubot learned their lair was considered to be featured in Modern Lair Magazine, and were assigned to tidy it up. When that was not enough, Eggman assigned Amy to redecorate the lair, with Orbot and Cubot serving as her workers and decorations, earning them the approval of the evaluator. After Eggman imprisoned Amy, Orbot watched as Team Sonic ravaged the lair when rescuing Amy, costing the lair its spot in the magazine.[12] When Eggman made Dave an intern in the lair, Orbot and Cubot feared Dave's enthusiasm would make them look bad. Orbot later found Cubot, having been dismantled by Dave. Since Eggman did not care, Orbot took Cubot to Tails to have him fixed. After Eggman fired Dave, Orbot and Cubot got their old jobs back.[13]

During Eggman's work, Orbot and Cubot fearfully watched the doctor create Evil Cookies to turn Sonic evil with. When the plan backfired when Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks ate the cookies instead, Orbot and Cubot would suffer under both the evil heroes and Eggman when the latter made the former his new allies. As such, they sought Sonic's help, who cured his team.[14]

SBEP10 looking

Orbot and Cubot look for Eggman.

Upon Orbot and Cubot's urging to improve their moral with a surprise party, Eggman had them set one up before erasing their memory files so the party could still be a surprise. When the amnesiac Orbot and Cubot recovered, however, they could not find Eggman. After asking Sonic and around town, it looked like Eggman had been arrested, so Orbot had them try earning bailout money. After several attempts (during which they lost the Eggmobile to T.W. Barker), they broke into the jail, but discovered the inmate was actually Willy Walrus, who told the duo where to find Eggman. At that scene, however, they came to the conclusion that Eggman had been killed by his own Disintegrator Ray and went home mourning, where Eggman surprised them with their party and explained his absence and what had happened. As a demonstration, Orbot and Cubot had their memories erased again and could thus not tell Eggman where the Eggmobile was.[15]

As Eggman pulled out his schemes with Cowbot, Orbot and Cubot were confined to the lair. They eventually came out as Eggman's scheme failed, where they tried eating some marshmallows, only to short-circuit.[16] When Orbot joined a laser tag exercise with Eggman and his minions, Orbot noticed the luck balance of the universe had tipped in Eggman's favor when Eggman won. With Eggman invincible with his luck, Orbot and Cubot helped him invade Seaside Island with the Mega. All went well, as even Team Sonic was unable to stop them, until Knuckles, who suffered from bad luck, caused the Mega to self-destruct when he joined them, forcing Orbot, Eggman and Cubot to retreat.[17]

Accompanying Eggman to seize a meteor from Sonic, only for them to get knocked out, Orbot and Cubot brought Eggman home, where he claimed to be Sonic, having swapped bodies with Eggman due to the meteor. Not believing him entirely, the robot duo accompanied Sonic to Sonic's Shack where Team Sonic beat him up. Orbot and Cubot regrouped with Sonic and soon returned with their robot army. When Tails arrived though, Orbot and Cubot learned that Sonic and Eggman actually had switched bodies, a process which was soon reversed.[18] When Eggman recovered from a slump, Orbot witnessed his master loose all motivation when he found himself unable to make choices. While Orbot could do nothing to get Eggman back in the game, Team Sonic ultimately did.[19]

SBEP17 court

Orbot supporting Eggman in court.

While Orbot saw Eggman play a video game, they got the news that Tails had joined the Lightning Bolt Society, something which Eggman set out to foil.[20] Having brought back Eggman after his latest defeat, Orbot and Cubot helped him sue Sonic under the pretense that Sonic needlessly broke Eggman's neck. With Orbot providing false evidence for Eggman's case, Eggman almost won, but was foiled by Amy.[4] Amidst Eggman's scheme to control the Village's technology with his Eggman's Tomato Sauce cans, Orbot and Cubot joined Eggman at his interview on the Comedy Chimp Show where Eggman's plan was soon after foiled by Team Sonic.[21] On the morning of the Egg Tank's launch, Orbot enthusiastically provided Eggman's breakfast. When Eggman later created a time loop that made the day repeat itself, Orbot and everyone else (except Eggman) remained oblivious to it. As Eggman worked on this problem, Orbot would help him several times. On the day after the loop was broken, Orbot was embraced by a joyful Eggman.[22]

Orbot and Cubot later got sent out by Eggman, who joined them in the Eggmobile, to capture a Granifer Giganticus for Eggman. At the scene, Orbot deployed Bee Bots to capture the giant, but it failed, and Sonic, who protected "Rocky", turned their badniks against them. Retreating, Orbot and Cubot joined Eggman in his meditation garden, until Team Sonic came with Rocky, whom they got to fall sleep in the garden to horrid music, which Orbot had to accept or the rock monster would go on a rampage.[23] During a skirmish with Team Sonic, Cubot and Orbot saw Eggman get stuck inside Buddy Buddy Temple with Sonic. Free to pursue their own interests, the robots deserted Eggman, but found their freedom overwhelming and returned to the temple and Team Sonic for help. There, the duo and Team Sonic fell into the temple as its underground tunnels caved in, where they found Sonic and Eggman. Using an escape route, the two enemies got everyone out to safety. Orbot and Cubot then happily reunited with Eggman before leaving with him.[24]

SBEP23 cyberspace

Orbot and Cubot in cyberspace.

On a rough day for Orbot, he and Cubot got fed up with Eggman's callousness while he chatted with his new online friend, Nominatus (a computer virus) and left to be friends with Team Sonic. Moving in with Tails after proving their defection, the duo fought over a laptop game from Tails until they saw the laptop's surveillance had caught Nominatus taking over Eggman's system and robots for his agenda to destroy all life forms. Orbot and Cubot tried warning Eggman, but were too late, and they fled with Eggman to Team Sonic when Nominatus sent their robots after them. While the heroes covered them, Orbot and Cubot were sent into cyberspace to stop Nominatus, where they destroyed him by demonstrating too much stupidity for him to process. In the aftermath, Orbot and Cubot returned to Eggman and his lair.[25] Sometime later, Orbot was with Eggman and Cubot in their lair when it was hit by an Eggman missile launched by Amy and Sticks.[26]

When learning of Team Sonic's activities from Fly Bot, Orbot came with Eggman to destroy the heroes, only for Eggman to fall for a prank Team Sonic had lured him into. With Eggman swearing off technology and his lair, Orbot and Cubot were left to do Eggman's labor. When Sonic came to them as the island got attacked by Eggman's missiles and robots, Orbot revealed by accessing Eggman's computer that the Lightning Bolt Society was behind this, having seized Eggman's lair. Orbot and Cubot were shortly after shut down remotely by the Lightning Bolt Society, so Eggman helped Team Sonic stop the group, and restarted Orbot and Cubot in time to restore their lair.[27] When Eggman became co-owner of Chez Amy, Orbot and Cubot served as the kitchen staff until Eggman had his Badniks tear the establishment down.[28]

At your service

Orbot arrives on Ballot Stuffer Bot with the badniks.

When the unpicked trash at the lair pilled up, Orbot and Cubot were made the target of Eggman's frustrations before he went to city hall. As Eggman later got control of the Village with the mayor's approval stamp, Orbot was summoned, this time riding Ballot Stuffer Bot, to find a form Eggman needed to pass a law. However, Orbot was knocked out by Knuckles and the stamp got destroyed.[29] As Eggman plotted to enslave the villagers with a hypnotizing movie, Orbot served as camera man and make-up artist during the filming. When Eggman needed Sonic to battle Drill Bot for a scene, Orbot and Cubot tricked Sonic to participate by lying that Eggman was mining metal for new robots which would make them obsolete. At the showcase of the movie though, Orbot told Eggman that he forgot to install his mind-enslaver device, so he and Cubot joined Eggman in watching their movie alone after everyone left.[30]

Orbot later joined two of Eggman's attacks which were both foiled by Team Sonic. Later spying on the Lightning Bolt Society and heard that Sonic had retired and that Team Sonic was out of town, Orbot and Cubot proposed an attack, but Eggman insisted on waiting for the right time to strike. Eventually, Orbot, Eggman and Cubot launched a sneak attack on Sonic with the Eggmobile while he was busy handling a sheep stampede. However, their attempt was ruined when Mike warned Sonic, who used the Eggmobile's weapon to herd the sheep before defeating the trio.[31]

Orbot being probed

Orbot is probed by Eggman.

As Orbot and Cubot were sent out to find renegade robots who were stealing Eggman's tools, they learned it was the Cubot prototypes when they found them. As the prototypes revealed they needed to fix Cutebot, Orbot and Cubot brought in Sonic and Tails for aid. However, Orbot had to return alone when Cubot chose to stay with his prototypes. When Orbot reported back though, he was probed by Eggman for the prototypes' location so he could destroy them. During the attack, Orbot got Cubot to come back by lying that Eggman missed him. After Eggman's attacked failed due to Sonic, Tails and in part Cubot, Orbot welcomed his partner home as they resumed their work.[7] While later in the lair, Orbot and Cubot had a suspicion something was missing, not realizing Eggman had been kidnapped.[32]

On New Year's Eve, Orbot and Cubot tried cheering up Eggman with a New Year's Eve party, who moped over not getting one decisive victory over Sonic this year, but with no success. When Orbot presented his slow-cooked roast though, Eggman had the idea of building a Slow Motion Machine to get more time to beat Sonic, and Orbot saw him harness his slow cooker's power source (at the cost of his roast).[33] Orbot later accompanied Eggman to the auditions for Bro-Down Showdown where he posed as Eggman's game show partner for an elaborate scheme. As planned, Orbot was discarded in favor of Eggman partnering up with Sonic.[3] Another time, when Eggman framed Sonic for thievery, Orbot and Cubot would take tourists on tours around their lair, showing them the scene where Sonic supposedly stole Eggman's Particle Accelerator.[34] During a heat wave where they fanned Eggman, Orbot inspired Eggman to use solar power, who then made him and Cubot install solar panels at the lair, much to their chagrin. When the Archipelago Homeowners Association noticed that Eggman was illegally housing robots, Orbot was hidden during the group's visit so Eggman could avoid eviction. However, a remote power overload during a storm made Orbot go haywire and complicate Eggman's evening.[35]

Robots in disguise

Orbot and Cubot dressed up as the Lightning Bolt Society.

Coming to Puppy Con (where Eggman tried trading them), Orbot and Cubot masqueraded as the Lightning Bolt Society as they caused a rockslide to distract everyone while Eggman stole a game piece, only for Eggman to return his loot later.[36] Orbot and Cubot later came with Eggman on a raid of a toy-and-game factory where they commentated on Eggman's fight with Team Sonic, which the latter won. They repeated this for the parties' next fight which had a similar result.[37] When Eggman then moped over Team Sonic having received an award, Orbot encouraged Eggman to get his own.[38]

When Eggman assembled Team Eggman from the local villains, Orbot helped the group prepare to battle Team Sonic. Though the villains lost to the heroes, Orbot and Cubot enjoyed the adventure that came out of it and looked forward to what would come next.[39]

Season two


Orbot and Cubot in space.

While Orbot and Cubot were out in space with Eggman to work on a satellite, Eggman discovered an asteroid would hit the earth. Orbot subsequently assisted Eggman with his scheme to earn a profit from the situation by selling spots in his bunker to ride out the impending apocalypse in to the villagers. The asteroid, however, would be stopped by Team Sonic.[40] Orbot, Eggman and Cubot later analyzed their lair's surveillance of a seemingly supernatural phenomenon, only to discover it was Sonic acting on a separate plane of existence.[41]

As they watched Tails' attempts to capture Sonic for a bet through Fly Bot, Orbot, Eggman and Cubot attacked Sonic with Bee Bots when Tails trapped him. However, while Orbot and Cubot talked with Eggman, Tails rallied Team Sonic, who saved Sonic and sent Orbot and his cohorts flying.[42] When he and Cubot later asked Eggman about his latest defeat to Team Sonic, Orbot gave Eggman some tea which inspired him to make Sonic fight him underwater. Before Eggman began his plan though, Orbot and Cubot provided music for him as he made a washing machine.[5] Orbot later accompanying Eggman on his mind-control scheme with Dreamcaster (whom Orbot envied). Watching Eggman's plan unfold in the Village Center, Orbot fled from there with Eggman and Cubot when Team Sonic foiled the plan.[43] Then, when dimwitted Tails clones invaded the lair, Orbot saw Eggman and Team Sonic round the clones up.[44]

Ojqyjg9vTL1u5cb23o2 1280

Orbot and Cubot on strike.

After having been left to go home alone (with nobody giving them a lift) for talking back to Eggman after their loss to Team Sonic in the Egg Tank, Orbot and Cubot were given a grueling task. Meanwhile, Amy advised them to stand up to Eggman's abuse by striking. Taking Amy's advice when Eggman went too far, Orbot and Cubot began protesting, with all of Eggman's robots soon joining them, while also scorning Eggman's replacement lackeys. As Orbot was about to give up despite Amy's efforts though, Eggman cracked and promised Orbot to treat him and the others better (but still without respect).[45] Orbot later followed Eggman as he failed to get a newly-instated permit for villainy. When Eggman would not wait for a do-over, Orbot was elected to get the permit so Eggman could guide him from the background. Downloading an evil textbook into his memory, Orbot aced the exam. However, while executing Eggman's schemes, Orbot went power-mad as his tactics had more succes that Eggman's. Eventually, he left with some of Eggman's tech and Cubot to become his own villain. As he fought Team Sonic when attacking City Hall though, Orbot blew up the permits' records, allowing Eggman, who made Orbot think he had used him for this, to resume villainy. Orbot was then reset to normal by Cubot, who had enough of his new attitude.[45]

When a corrupt Sonic became his partner, Eggman tried having a secret talk with Orbot and Cubot about stealing Sonic's new mech suit, only to notice that Sonic had heard him. Failing to use Orbot and Cubot as scapegoats, Eggman fled from Sonic.[46] Soon after, Orbot would contribute to Eggman's creation of FiendBot. After FiendBot failed, Orbot observed Eggman as he made a weapon to replace FiendBot.[47] Orbot would later help Eggman search for Ancient mech suits by excavating for him, but when Team Sonic appeared and trashed their workforce, Orbot departed with Eggman and Cubot.[48] During a power outage later on, Orbot was able to stay online thanks to his batteries. He could thus meet Team Sonic when they came by the lair under the assumption that Eggman caused the blackout.[49] After then helping Eggman win the referendum to determine a new name for the Village, which Eggman used to become Village leader, Orbot helped Eggman prepare to demolish the Village. However, he got showed aside by Eggman himself when the plan fell apart.[50]


Orbot accompanying Eggman.

For Eggman's next plot, Orbot and Cubot aided Eggman with a presentation to Meh Burger's owner, Mr. Slate, which got Meh Burger's staff replaced with robot workers. The duo later accompanied Eggman after he sent Meh Burger into space (for a time).[51] Soon after, Orbot would, as always, salvage the remains of Eggman's Badniks from the robots' latest battle.[52] Following Eggman on his attempt to win the Science Fair Awards with his Eggs-Boson Super-configurator, Orbot supported the doctor when he lost, but got showed aside just as Eggman got the idea for a robot mother. Watching Eggman and "Mombot", Orbot went along with Mombot's plans to have Eggman make peace with Sonic, much to Eggman's dismay. When Eggman tried to erase Mombot's memory however, Orbot and Cubot secretly took Eggman's magnet for him when he changed his plan in the act.[6] Orbot soon after came with Eggman on an attack on the Village. There, he escaped with Eggman after Team Sonic stopped him.[53] Another time, Orbot and Cubot was dealing with Eggman's return from the beach when Steve Eggman―Eggman's supposedly long-lost brother―visited them. Stopping Cubot from shooting Steve, Orbot saw Eggman kick Steve out after a brief lair tour.[54]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Orbot Sonic Boom Comic

Orbot, from Sonic Boom #1.

When Dr. Eggman was having his breakfast served in his lair, Orbot answered the door when someone was calling. There, Orbot met Knuckles who wanted to join the doctor.[55] With their new ally, Orbot accompanied Eggman on his attack on Seaside Island where he helped stow away Sonic, Tails, Amy and Sticks in the Big Boy mech's cargo hold with Cubot after Knuckles and Eggman had encaged them. On their way to attack the Village however, Orbot, Eggman and Cubot were betrayed by Knuckles who threw Orbot and Cubot away when they tried to protect Eggman. The duo later asked Team Sonic for a lift home after Eggman was beaten, to which Knuckles complied to by throwing them out to Eggman as he retreated.[56]

Back in the lair, Orbot and Cubot were assigned to repair the Big Boy. There, Orbot found Cubot inside the Big Boy, fooling around with Amy's Hammer which had been stuck. Orbot insisted they gave the hammer to Eggman, but when Cubot refused to hand it over, they began fighting over it, which Orbot quickly wanted for himself too. However, their fight trashed the Big Boy as it took off, and when they lost the grip on Amy's Hammer, it ricocheted away while making the Big Boy fall apart. The robots soon found Eggman amongst the parts and tried explaining themselves.[57] After repairing and upgrading the Big Boy again, Orbot and Cubot accompanied Eggman as he went out for his appointed battle with Team Sonic. While fighting, Eggman contemplated on going home after several humiliations, until Orbot restored his resolve. However, Sticks used the Rock of Justice on the Big Boy which ricocheted into the mech and destroyed it from the inside. Orbot therefore retreated back to the lair with Eggman and Cubot, where Eggman revealed to him that he had another creation ready for Team Sonic.[58]

Boom Shaka-laka and Worlds Unite

As Eggman sought to get the villagers' trust for future schemes, Orbot provided the doctor with several suggestions which culminated in the Eggtoberfest meant to buy the villagers' trust with. Though Orbot helped Eggman run the Eggtoberfest, the carnival was laid to waste when Eggman unleashed his army on the villagers which was stopped by Team Sonic. With Eggman's plan ruined, Orbot tried cheering him up.[59] A short while later, when Eggman enacted his scheme to get Team Sonic's bio-data for Project Hodge Podge during the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, Orbot and Cubot joined as participants to aid Eggman. In the race, Orbot tried running Tails off the road with Cubot, but the duo ended up hitting each other. They quickly started fighting over who was at fault, which made them crash while their master lost the race to Sonic despite getting his data.[60][61]

Shortly after the race, Orbot and Cubot got back to Eggman's lair where they met Team Sticks and the Maverick Hunters and tried to make them leave. Threatened into submission by Zero, they agreed to help them by using a machine made by Eggman to create a Genesis Portal to their destination.[62] The duo's encounter with the group would be erased when Xander Payne rewrote history.[63]

In the weeks that followed Orbot's assistance with Eggman's Mebot, he and Cubot brought the doctor a gorilla he had ordered. However, Orbot snuck away when the gorilla went berserk until Sonic took care of it. To Orbot's frustration though, Eggman later had him order another gorilla.[64] Orbot continued to wait on Eggman, until the new gorilla arrived, whom beat up Eggman as well, while Orbot watched.[65]

Other game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Orbot makes a small appearance on the High Score menu, holding the twelfth place with a score of 25,000 points.


Orbot is the described as the "stiffbot" of him and Cubot, and has a polished demeanor which goes along with his smooth surface.[66] Though Orbot is the smarter, more serious and firmer of him and Cubot, he is just as prone to bumbling around as he is. While not perfect of character, he is loyal by default,[66] though he will only obey orders after being threatened as dictated by his programming.[18] Orbot speaks calmly, formally, and without a filter. He is honest to a fault and offers unsolicited, withering assessments of his master[66] (albeit in an indirect manner[24]).

More level-headed and sensible than his creator, Orbot prefers thought-out, resource-conserving and discrete tactics (which have proven quite efficient) in contrast to Eggman's brutish and destruction-orientated plans.[29] He is also known to have a sense of sassiness and sarcasm (which stems from his "wit-chip").[6][43][47] He usually shows this side of him when dealing with Eggman's attitude and reviewing Eggman's plans.[25][43][45] Supposedly, he is also a natural raconteur.[24]

At his core, Orbot is a mindless servant.[34] While capable of making his own choices and forming his own personal opinions, Orbot is weak-willed and unable to be alone as he is extremely dependent on others, and having total freedom overwhelms him with anxiety over the concept of choosing for himself.[24] Fearing as well that he will get scrapped without a job to fulfill, he will always come groveling back to his employer and gladly demean himself as much as he can in order to resume his duties whenever he is left without someone to serve, showcasing a complete lack of dignity on his behalf.[45] Supposedly, Orbot also has "Bot-holm syndrome" which makes him ultimately agree with anything Eggman says.[59]

Powers and abilities

Orbot Sonic Boom sphere form

Orbot's retracted state.

Orbot has the ability to retract his body into a travel-sized sphere.[56] He is also capable of levitation and can move at speeds compatible to the Eggmobile in midair.[17]

Orbot is equipped with a number of additional functions. His mouth works as either a paper shredder for shredding letters or a juicer for making drinks,[12][22] his eyes double as both flashlights and movie projectors,[4][13] and he has a button on his back that can erase up to a day worth of memory files.[15] By pressing both his eyes at the same time, one can also reset Orbot, effectively returning him to normal when an issue in his systems arises.[2] He is also connected to the computer in Dr. Eggman's lair, allowing him to access data from the lair remotely and download information directly into his memory.[2][27]

Orbot has his own kill switch in Eggman's lair which can deactivate and reactivate him remotely.[27] As an Eggman robot, he is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[35] Unlike other Eggman robots however, Orbot possesses long-life batteries which can keep him operational for years without recharging.[49]


Dr. Eggman

Orbot and Cubot caressing Eggman

Orbot caressing Eggman.

Orbot is one of the closest things Dr. Eggman has to a friend.[66] While Orbot tries to earn the doctor's respect as much as possible, he gets noting but terrible treatment in return. In turn, Orbot has a subtle, but noticeable dislike of Eggman. As such, he has gone as far as to celebrate his liberation from him when he thought Eggman was incapacitated[24] and enjoys playing pranks on him.[18] Also, when one of Eggman's plans or creations appear questionable or do not turn out as planned, Orbot tends to make sarcastic remarks.[6][47]

Regardless of his sour opinion about Eggman, Orbot depends on him as he cannot cope with being on his own.[24] In addition, he fears that he will be sent to the scrapheap if he can no longer be of service to him.[45] He will therefore ultimately come groveling back to Eggman whenever he leaves him, regardless of how much he must beg Eggman for forgiveness and how little he gets out of it.[24][45] It is also Orbot's personal belief that Eggman's abusive treatment is the doctor's funny way of showing that he cares about him.[45] Similarly, Orbot genuinely cares about Eggman deep down, having wept when he thought Eggman was dead and has embraced him caringly on a few occasions.[15] He also dislikes to see Eggman emotionally in the dumps and will offer him unwaveringly moral support and unconditional love when he needs it, in spite of Eggman's constant abuse.[6][58]

Overall, Orbot is loyal to Eggman,[66] and endures much of his abuse and excruciating tasks without asking questions.[45] However, his loyalty is not absolute; as put by himself, he is only "mostly-loyal" to the doctor.[57] He likewise has his limits for how much of Eggman's callous behavior he can take.[24][45] As such, he has been known to go behind Eggman's back to seek out Sonic's aid when Eggman becomes too much or keep things he should hand over to Eggman.[14][57] He also has a tendency to say things Eggman wishes not to hear, even in front of Team Sonic, and offers true, unspoken judgements of him.[66] Even so, Orbot will never outright blame Eggman for his own defeats (regardless of how true it is).[45] He is similarly very much afraid of Eggman's wrath and threats of decommissioning, and would rather face Knuckles in a fight.[45][56]


Cubot is Orbot's companion in the service of Dr. Eggman. Despite their conflicting personalities, they are an inseparable pair.[66] Between them, Orbot usually has his patience tested by Cubot's stupidity to the point where he will lash out at him, and is often the one who has to take charge of him.[7][57] Regardless, this does not damage their relationship very much as Orbot has come to expect this behavior for Cubot and so always forgives his mess-ups.[7] Orbot also deeply cares for Cubot's well-being as he was horrified when he found him disassembled by Dave and was determined to put him back together.[13]




  • The official artwork used for Orbot is the same as the one for his main series counterpart in Sonic Colors.
  • Along with Cubot, Orbot did not have any design changes for the Sonic Boom franchise.
  • Orbot's startup sounds resemble Microsoft Windows sounds.
  • Orbot is no. 347 on Dr. Eggman's ranking list.[10]
  • While Orbot cannot eat organic food like marshmallows without short-circuiting (despite wanting to),[16] he can ingest materials like oil.[42]
  • Orbot can play the keytar.[5]
  • Orbot has a middle name.[52] However, the writers have not specified one as of yet.[67]
  • The reason for why Orbot has yet to be seen having retracted into a sphere in the Sonic Boom television series is because the writers have yet to have a story-driven reason to do it.[68]

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