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Paganini explaining his predicament with the apples.

Paganini is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is an optimistic, benevolent man who enjoys visiting the Forest from time to time. He has a hobby of picking apples and regularly takes part in Soleanna's annual apple festival. Unfortunately, he can be somewhat of a klutz at times.



Paganini praising Silver for his help, excited about the festival.

In Silver's story, Paganini gives Silver his first Town Mission. The apple picking season has arrived in Soleanna once again, and Paganini has been hard at work collecting apples and storing them in barrels. He tried to haul the barrels so he could deliver them for the festival, but due to his clumsiness, he accidentally upset the barrels and the apples spilled out. Since Paganini is in a rush to get to the festival, he asks Silver to return at least 50 apples to the barrels by lifting and dropping them with psychokinesis before time runs out.


  • Paganini uses the same character design as Berruni.

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