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Pale Bayleaf's Battleship.

Pale Bayleaf's Battleship (ペール・ベイリーフの戦艦 Pēru Beirīfu no senkan?) is a vessel that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It was the personal vessel of Pale Bayleaf, one of the four Metarex commanders loyal to Dark Oak.



Metarex Saga

Pale Bayleaf joined a conference onboard his battleship via long-distance communication from it to consult fellow commanders Black Narcissus and Yellow Zelkova following the death of Red Pine. It also led the attack on the resistance forces that included Molly and Leon, and was damaged but not destroyed in battle with the crew of the Crimson Egg. It was also part of the fleet that joined the Metarex's Mother Ship in attacking the Blue Typhoon, and later hunted the latter vessel in an attempt to destroy Sonic and his teammates for good. However, this latter effort was thwarted by Dr. Eggman, an early sign of his plans to break off his alliance with the Metarex.