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Park Avenue[1] is a stage navigated by the Avatar in Sonic Forces. It is a quaint downtown area that has since been besieged and destroyed by Dr. Eggman's robot armies, turning it into an all-out warzone.[2] It shares its level design with Sunset Heights, which is played by modern Sonic the Hedgehog.


Park Avenue is a town area (whose buildings are similar to those in City Escape) that is placed along an avenue. The city is built in a blocky hill landscape with layered soil in different shades of brown and green grass on top of the hills that favors Green Hill. There is also a long, orange bridge that goes over the city. Depicted in the background is a sea area with a green island landscape that is connected to Park Avenue by small bridge pathways.

After Dr. Eggman besieged Park Avenue, everything that is in it has been either been damaged or destroyed. Now, it is an annihilated city with Death Egg Robot sentinels roaming through the ruins while unknown forces are shooting at them. In addition, many of the buildings are on fire and meteorites are falling from the sky. Adding to the overall glum mood, the stage takes place during the sunset while the sky is being partially overcast by gray clouds.


As Avatar begins the level, several characters communicate with him/her. Amy Rose requests the Resistance for a status update on any survivors within the city. Espio the Chameleon responds, saying that he's engaging enemy forces and he can't check for civilians at the moment. A soldier responds, saying the fighting is too much for him to help out either. Silver the Hedgehog comments on the Death Egg Robot sentinels, surprised that they're being mass produced, to which Vector adds on, saying it much be too much for Avatar to handle. Knuckles the Echidna assures Vector that Avatar can handle it.

Espio and Charmy Bee compliment Avatar for defeating Badniks with skill, with Vector responding on how he's able to top Avatar's performance. Knuckles states that things are finally turning around with Avatar on their side. As Avatar progresses through the stage, Knuckles receives word from their headquarters that the enemies are fleeing, with Espio congratulating everyone for their hard work.


Park Avenue is a fast-paced stage with destruction to avoid, along with an overwhelming number of enemies, such as Buzz Bombers, and obstacles, such as spikes. The stage also has Wisp Capsules for the Avatar's Wispon to use, with the Red Wisp and Ivory Wisp to back up Avatar's arsenal. However, some Wisp Capsules will be empty, transparent and cannot be interacted with until after the player encounters the Wisp they contain.

There are a number pathways in the stage to choose, whether if the player wants to go along a higher route or a lower route. Standard objects in Park Avenue include Springs, Ramps, Boosters, Dash Rings, and Grind Rails.


Name Artist Length Music Track
"Park Avenue" Tomoya Ohtani 1:51
Park Avenue (Custom Character)


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