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For the Gear Part with the same name, see Parts Lock (Gear Part).

Parts Lock is an Item Box obstacle that appears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. When obtained, it temporarily deactivates all the Gear Parts on a rider's Extreme Gear and prevents GP actions.


The Item Boxes with Parts Lock feature a square icon with round corners depicting a disabled Gear Part.


In gameplay, when the player obtains Parts Lock, the playable character is surrounded by static and the icons for the player's available Gear Parts shown on the heads-up-display turn dark gray. In this state, the player cannot activate any Gear Parts, though those Gear Parts that are already active remains in effect. In addition, Parts Lock prevents the player from using GP actions, namely Gravity Control and Gravity Dive. Its effects only last for a limited amount of time, however.

The player can obtain Parts Lock at random by touching one of the Item Boxes that lie scattered across the racing course. When obtaining it, Parts Lock's icon appears briefly on the screen.


Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

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