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Party Pooper from Sonic the Comic #120. Black and white art by Andy Pritchett and colouring by Steve White.

Party Pooper is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic badger and amateur super-villain. He wears a domino mask, fedora hat and full opera dress, including a waist coat and a blue cape. Tekno the Canary claimed he was the most useless villain she'd ever met.


Party Pooper turned to crime because he was never invited to parties. He disrupted a New Year's Eve party in the Metropolis Zone with his "Magnetic Ray" (actually a giant horseshoe magnet on caterpillar tracks), planning to prevent the bell from ringing and therefore effectively freeze time and prevent 1998 from ever arriving. Amy Rose pointed out that stopping a clock wouldn't freeze time, and Tekno the Canary said that the magnet wouldn't affect the bell since it was made of brass, thwarting Pooper's plan. Instead, he turned his Magnetic Ray on Shortfuse the Cybernik's armour, only to be attacked by Shorty the Squirrel who was not wearing the armour at the time. The attack knocked the magnet upwards, pulling some scaffolding down on them, but Party Pooper and Shorty were saved by Amy and Tekno. Thoroughly defeated, Party Pooper made a New Year's resolution to do good.[1]


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