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Paulie (left) and his son, Nikki.

Paulie (ポーリー Pōrī?) is the father of Nikki. Nikki idolizes Paulie and wishes to grow up strong and courageous just as him.


In one story he tells his son, Paulie explains about an event that happened twenty years before: he had lost control of his plane, and when he lost all hope, Sonic came to the rescue, not only saving his life, but also making so that Paulie would meet his future wife, Brenda. For him, Sonic is a divine protector, the greatest hero that ever lived, and also his cupid.


This character's name is often rendered as the real-life "Paulie" or "Pauly" in translations among fans. However, it is most likely that his name is rather supposed to be a reference to the term "Roly Poly" (ローリー・ポーリー Rōrī Pōrī?), given that he is a large hedgehog - a species well-known for rolling in a ball.


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