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For the version of this species after the Super Genesis Wave, see Pecky (Archie).
Pecky P-SGW

A Pecky, from Sonic the Hedgehog #229.

The Pecky is a creature that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They are a race of diminutive penguin Mobinis seen inhabiting Mobius during Operation: Clean Sweep.



The general Pecky bears several similar traits to the macaroni penguin. Small enough to be held in a hand, they have round-shaped heads with two large greyish blue eyes, soft yellow beaks, small cheeks, small round torsos, medium-sized wings compared to their bodies, and two yellow three-toed webbed feet. Their plumage is mainly black with a white belly, and they each have a wide turf of yellow hair on their head.


Like Flickies, the Peckies can only speak in a language consisting of tweets. Although recognized as non-sentient, the Peckies show at times striking insight.[1]


When reality was reset as a result of Operation: Clean Sweep, countless Peckies were captured by Dr. Eggman to be used as power sources for his Badniks or be trapped in Prison Eggs. Several Peckies were freed by Sonic and his allies during their hunt for Eggman. One Pecky in particular helped a part of this gang shut down the Oil Ocean Zone upon Sally's request.[1][2]

Note: From this point, the Peckies' history continues from their new life in the altered timeline.

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