Penguin Bombers (ペンギンボマーズ Pengin Bomāzu?)[1] are enemies that appear in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. It is a mass-produced penguin-based Badnik model created by Dr. Robotnik.


Penguin Bomber

Based on Penguins, Penguin Bombers have an ignited fuse on their heads. Basic details include black and white armor, two black eyes, a short yellow peak and white flippers. They move forward with yellow skis attached to their feet.


The Penguin Bombers only appear in Robotnik Winter Zone. In gameplay, they are suicide bombers, moving down the slopes, forming explosive obstacles. In Robotnik Winter Zone Act 3,Giga Thomas "Pen" is revealed to be the creator of the Penguin Bombers, who can split them from its mouth.

If the player has the Jet Board power-up, Sonic can dash behind Penguin Bombers to defeat them easily. Alternatively, the player can dispatch Penguin Bombers with a standard Spin Jump or Spin Attack. Like other robots in the 8-bit Sonic games, no Animals pop out of the Penguin Bombers when they are destroyed.



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