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Quotation1 If I wasn't just dreaming, that monster is a real menace! Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure[1]
Perfect Chaos
Perfect Chaos, Sonic Generations (3)
Perfect Chaos in Sonic Generations.
First appearance

Sonic Adventure

Game appearances
Appearances in
other media
Transformation overview
Base character

Chaos 0

Cause of 

The negative Chaos Energy of the seven Chaos Emeralds

Physical description

Transparent light blue




Emerald green

Skills, powers and abilities
Enhanced powers
and skills
  • Energy projection
    • Energy beam emission
    • Energy clusters
    • Energy bullets
  • Vast hydrokinetic abilities
  • Super strength
  • Tornado creation
  • Limited shapeshifting

Perfect Chaos (パーフェクトカオス Pāfekuto Kaosu?) is the final boss of Sonic Adventure and the second boss on the console version of Sonic Generations. It is the Super State of Chaos, assumed by absorbing the negative energies of all seven Chaos Emeralds, and is Chaos's strongest known form.

Around 4,000 years prior to Sonic Adventure, Chaos assumed this form to destroy the Knuckles Clan and the rest of the world, but was stopped by Tikal. Millennia later, when Chaos returned due to the actions of Dr. Eggman, it worked alongside the doctor to become Perfect Chaos again so it could continue its destructive rampage. It was ultimately successful, but Perfect Chaos was later defeated and redeemed by Super Sonic.


Standing as vastly more different than any of Chaos' previous forms and other known Super States, Perfect Chaos resembles a several-stories-tall snake-like beast, completely composed of water.

It possesses a very large mouth, complete with razor sharp teeth, which extends far beyond its green eyes, which for the first time have pupils that resemble a reptile's. It also has flaps of skin hanging from just behind its eyes, and its brain, which is its only organic-looking organ, can be seen inside the "fin" on the top of its head. The base of its snake-like body seemly merges with the water below it in a huge whirlpool and cyclone, and it has several large tentacles extending from its base.

Perfect Chaos's original appearance in Sonic Adventure differs greatly from its current one. In Sonic Adventure, Perfect Chaos's entire body from top to bottom is shown to be completely composed of clear water, with no real distinction between the different sections of its skin, and the spikes on its back are merely blunt extensions of its "flesh".

In Sonic Generations, Perfect Chaos's appearance received a noticeable update: while its abdomen and base are still made of liquified water, its upper body now has a more solid appearance. It has a darker reptilian-scaled skin (possibly made of compressed water) covering its back, sides, and head, and it has pointy spikes extending from its back. It is also shown to have green horns on its nose area and behind its eyes, green teeth, and tongue, and what appear to be green-glowing arteries running from the base of its body to its spikes and brain. It has been explained that this was what Perfect Chaos was originally meant to look like, but due to technological restraints, it was not possible at the time.[2]


First Transformation


Chaos transforming into Perfect Chaos for the first time

Chaos's first known transformation into Perfect Chaos occurred over 4,000 years prior to Sonic Adventure. When Pachacamac, the chief of the Knuckles Clan, and his warriors attack at the Altar of the Emeralds to seize the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald for power, they injured the local Chao and Tikal. Bearing witness to its friends getting harmed, Chaos was consumed by anger and sadness. In a fit of retaliation, Chaos used the Chaos Emeralds' negative energies to become Perfect Chaos, and laid total waste to the entire Knuckles Clan civilization. Still blinded by rage however, Perfect Chaos would not stop its rampage and would eventually move out to the rest of the world, but Tikal stopped it by sealing herself and Perfect Chaos inside the Master Emerald, returning Chaos to normal.

The effects of Perfect Chaos' first attack would over time have a significant impact on the world, such as the creation of Angel Island, the slow extinction of the Knuckles Clan, and the ascendancy of the Nocturnus Clan within the ancient world.

Sonic Adventure

In Sonic Adventure, Chaos was freed from the Master Emerald by Dr. Eggman, who wanted to use Perfect Chaos as a weapon to build Eggmanland. The doctor then seemingly took control of Chaos and sought the Chaos Emeralds to transform it into Perfect Chaos. In truth, however, Chaos only followed Eggman so it could become Perfect Chaos again and continue its rampage. When Eggman failed, however, Chaos rebelled against Eggman and collected the seven Chaos Emeralds through quick assaults, transforming it into Perfect Chaos once more.


Perfect Chaos on a rampage

After transforming, Perfect Chaos appeared in Station Square and began destroying it with destructive water streams, floods and giant tsunamis. Shortly after beginning its rampage, Perfect Chaos was attacked by a vengeful Dr. Eggman in the Egg Carrier 2, but Perfect Chaos destroyed his vessel with a single energy beam. At that point, Perfect Chaos had absorbed all of the negative Chaos Energy from the Chaos Emeralds and expelled the seemingly powerless emeralds from its body. This act, however, proved to be Perfect Chaos' own undoing, as Sonic the Hedgehog harnessed the positive Chaos Energy from the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and defeated Perfect Chaos. With its defeat, Perfect Chaos reverted back to normal and its anger and rage was neutralized by Super Sonic's power, making Chaos the peaceful creature it once was.

Other Game Appearances

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Perfect Chaos in MSATOWG

An ice sculpture of Perfect Chaos in Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games.

Perfect Chaos makes a cameo as an ice sculpture in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games during the Dream Figure Skating competition in Sonic Land.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Perfect Chaos is indirectly referenced in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, in the Chaos Emerald part of the journey, where it states that Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and a variety of other people have been known to use the power of the Emeralds to achieve powered up states. He is also mentioned during the story.

Sonic Generations


Perfect Chaos as it appears in Sonic Generations.

Perfect Chaos serves as a boss in the game Sonic Generations, and is the main boss of the Dreamcast era. The player does not use Super Sonic in this game, as the player cannot obtain all seven Chaos Emeralds before fighting it. Instead, the player must navigate three different kinds of levels, each involving going into it and coming out the top end, which damages it. Its last resort is sending platforms out of the water. These platforms fall after an allotted time, so the player must hurry and avoid falling off, and Homing Attack the top of it to end the fight.

Powers and Abilities

By absorbing all of the negative Chaos Energy from the seven Chaos Emeralds, Perfect Chaos obtains unprecedented size and power on a god-like scale, which is said can easily lay waste to the entire world. Perfect Chaos' power is so great that it is referred to as a mysterious and higher being.[3]

In this form, Chaos' hydrokinetic powers have been enhanced to the point where it can control entire floods, such as when Perfect Chaos flooded Station Square with ease in a matter of seconds with colossal tidal waves. It can also handle its hydrokinetic abilities in a more delicate manner, such as conjuring up small tornadoes of water or create water sprouts.

Like its earlier forms, Perfect Chaos has complete control over its physical structure, allowing it to shapeshift. As such, it can merge with the water below it, thus becoming one with its floods, change its shape to fit in narrow spaces, recompose itself from water when emerging or when having its body shattered, and even elongate its body, such as its tentacles, to attack with greater range. Perfect Chaos has also enormous amounts of physical strength and can destroy entire buildings with just one strike with its tentacles.

Perfect Chaos' new powers granted by its transformations include energy projection, which allows it to fire waves of highly destructive energy. As seen so far, it is capable of firing clusters of pink energy balls, launch energy bullets from the spikes on its back, and firing a huge energy beam from its mouth which is powerful enough to destroy the Egg Carrier 2 with one shot.

Perfect Chaos' main weakness is its brain. Whenever its brain is struck, it not only causes Perfect Chaos great pain, but also causes its entire body structure to weaken and crumble. It appears to be a critical weak point for Perfect Chaos, as Sonic was able to defeat Perfect Chaos in Sonic Generations, without transforming into Super Sonic, by attacking its brain.


Boss Guide

Perfect Chaos
Super Sonic dodging Perfect Chaos' laser wave.

During the final battle at the flooded Station Square, Super Sonic has to gain speed to spin through Perfect Chaos's brain while the creature has many attacks to try and stop him. Both two phases require hit three times to Perfect Chaos's brain to defeat him.

Perfect Chaos is the final boss of Sonic Adventure, when the player has completed all six stories for each playable characters. It takes place on flooded Station Square with cloudy sky and has two phases. It is also only moment in the game to play as Super Sonic, who is more fast moving than his regular form. Between the player and Perfect Chaos is long route, where the player is only able to move during the boss battle. Some of roadways of Speed Highway are also seen there as well, where the player is able to move. The route differs slightly when the player success or fails to hit Perfect Chaos' weak spot and moves to the another section to do same pattern.

Right at the start, the player has fifty rings on the hand. Super Sonic is able to hover normally in the water. The player's goal is to gain enough speed to move towards Perfect Chaos. The playable character will automatically Spin Attack inside the beast. If the player manages to gain enough speed, he/she will spin to Perfect Chaos' weak spot, its brain, the player moves to the next route to do same thing. However the player hasn't gained enough speed, the player will fly away and has to try again in another place.

Since the beginning, the player has to watch their ring count, which typically on Super Sonic's case will decrease one ring per second. The player can collect rings on strings, that are set on roadways with Dash Panels, which can gain more speed for the player. Super Sonic is also able to gain a small amount of speed by jumping and moving forward. When the player has gain enough speed, Super Sonic will perform a Lightning Bolt. If the ring count manages to go zero before completing the boss battle, the player will lose a life and try again at the beginning of the battle.

Perfect Chaos has three major attacks to use against the player. The first one is shooting large, energy projectiles from its spires on its back towards the player. It can also summon large typhoons near him and its final attack is a large energy beam that it shoots from its mouth, which it used to destroy Egg Carrier 2. If the player gets hit by one of these attacks, he will get fly backwards and loses all the maximum speed, that has been gained. During the first phase, the player has to hit three times Perfect Chaos' brain while the game's main theme Open Your Heart can be heard at the background. In the second phase, more darker, orchestral theme called "Perfect CHAOS Revival!" can be heard at the background, while the battle becomes quite harder and the player has to hit another three times the same target. After this, the player has completed the game.


Sonic Adventure DX - Real Final Boss - Perfect Chaos09:38

Sonic Adventure DX - Real Final Boss - Perfect Chaos

Appearances in Other Media

Archie Comics

SonicArchives 22-57

Perfect Chaos in the Archie Comics.

Perfect Chaos made an appearance in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog, as a part of the comics adaption of Sonic Adventure. Just like in the games, Chaos, in a state of outrage, transformed into Perfect Chaos for the first time when the Knuckles Clan attacked his home and friends, but was stopped by Tikal and the Servers and sealed in the Ancient Onyx.

Centuries later, Chaos was freed by Dr. Eggman and they began hunting down the Super Emeralds to make Chaos become Perfect Chaos. Eventually, Chaos went after the Super Emeralds alone and managed to acquire all seven of them, becoming Perfect Chaos once more.

Not long after transforming, Perfect Chaos began laying waste to Station Square. Thanks to the efforts of Tikal, however, Perfect Chaos lost the Super Emeralds, and Sonic the Hedgehog used them to become Super Sonic, and began fighting Perfect Chaos. Eventually, Perfect Chaos was defeated when Super Sonic pushed it into a power plant, where it was electrocuted and returned to normal.

Sonic X

Perfect Chaos

Perfect Chaos in Sonic X.

Perfect Chaos also appeared in the anime series Sonic X, following the series adaption of Sonic Adventure. Its role and history was pretty much identical to its game counterpart.

In this version, Perfect Chaos looks more like the Loch Ness monster due to an increased "back" size and several new tentacles. Perfect Chaos also uses a few more attacks, like absorbing projectiles like a sponge and then spitting them back at the attacker through its mouth, using its tentacles to attack (he is seen splitting skyscrapers in half with them), creating crystal spires and an energy shield to protect itself.

In the comic series of the same name, Perfect Chaos was mentioned by Cream who explained about the Chao's appearance in Earth, reflecting on the events on Perfect Chao's role in the anime.

Sonic the Comic

Pso chaos fleetway 5

Perfect Chaos as it appears in Sonic the Comic.

Perfect Chaos appeared as the Sonic the Comic series' final foe. After Dr. Ivo Robotnik managed to gather the Chaos Emeralds with his Chaos Resonator, Chaos followed the emeralds and appeared before them when Sonic and his friends confronted Dr. Robotnik. Chaos quickly absorbed the Chaos Emeralds, becoming Perfect Chaos, and began reshaping Mobius in his own image. All seemed lost, as Sonic and his friends were unable to stop Perfect Chaos, but then Super Sonic arrived and managed to defeat Perfect Chaos, by jumping into him and absorbing all of his Chaos Energy, thus returning Perfect Chaos to his original form, a Drakon.

The appearance of Perfect Chaos in this media is very different from its other known counterparts, resembling a large, bulky squid. Just like his earlier form, Perfect Chaos has a fear factor that makes everyone in his proximity feel extreme fear and panic, leaving them unable to fight back. He also possesses reality warping abilities and can reshape the world around him.



Perfect Chaos fueled by positive Chaos Energy.

  • It is said that Perfect Chaos is Chaos' negative Super State. In the Sonic X comic series, it absorbed the positive energy of the emeralds to take down Eggman's Egg-Gantor, Chaos's positive Super State simply looked like an oversized version of Chaos 0 with the seven Emeralds in its forehead.
  • The song Open Your Heart is played during the battle with Perfect Chaos and a remix is played in Sonic Generations.
  • Perfect Chaos's roar in Sonic Generations sounds more like a shriek than a roar.
  • The Perfect Chaos battle in Sonic Adventure only takes about six hits to defeat, despite it being a final boss. This is because Sega couldn't make the boss harder with the Dreamcast's capabilities.[citation needed]
  • Perfect Chaos's destruction of a city, large appearance and powerful attacks such as a mouth beam makes Perfect Chaos highly reminiscent of Kaiju, giant monsters portrayed in Japanese media such as the creature Godzilla. In particular, Perfect Chaos bears a resemblance to the Kaiju Biollante from the Godzilla film series.
  • He and Iblis are considered counterparts, as Chaos is a water demigod and Iblis is a fire deimgod
  • Until Sonic the Hedgehog, Perfect Chaos was the last main villain/final boss to directly use the Chaos Emeralds to transform: The Biolizard instead merged with the ARK after using Chaos Control, Metal Madness/Metal Overlord was not shown using the Chaos Emeralds to transform (and the former was explicitly stated to have not used the Chaos Emeralds by Dr. Eggman), and Black Doom admitted that he underestimated the Chaos Emeralds' powers during his fight as Devil Doom.


Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

Sonic Generations



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