The Phantom Magician[1] is a boss that appears in Sonic Mania. It is a modified state of the Heavy Magician which she assumed in the Titanic Monarch Zone. She is also a member of the Phantom Heavies.


The Phantom Magician has the exact same appearance as her normal form.


During their climatic fight with the Phantom Egg, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles got transported to a different room where they fought the Phantom Magician. Their fight was a brief one though, as Sonic and co. returned to their fight with the Phantom Egg before the Phantom Magician could finish them.

Powers and abilities

The Phantom Magician is capable of flight and commands three giant cups which she uses to play shell games with. These cups are able to project giant lasers from their openings so the player has to pay attention to which cup she’s in.




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