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Phased is a battle effect that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It allows a character to avoid nearly any attack.


Phased is an effect in combat that can be used by both playable characters and enemies. It can be given to a character by performing certain POW moves. Most Phased-granting POW moves only grant Phased to the character performing them, except for Temporal Field which grants Phased to any of the player's character.

When a character obtains Phased, all types of attacks targeted at said character will miss, allowing the character in question to avoid any form of direct attack damage for as long as Phased is active. However, Phased can be bypassed if the target is attacked with POW moves that cannot miss such as Whirlwind. Also, once a character with Phased performs any form of action, Phased will wear off.

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