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The Pink Cabriolet (粉红色的敞篷车 Fěnhóng sè de chǎngpéng chē?) is Amy Rose's car in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is one of the vehicles in the game that has balanced stats. This is Amy's second car like this: Amy has owned first Breeze featured in the Sonic Drift series and in Sonic R that can hover over water.


The car looks like a Volkswagen or a Citroën 2CV and almost like Breeze, with noticeable features like the cartoonish headlights and and classic styling but is two shades of pink, has ear-like mirrors, (a tribute to her love interest) a tampo that has two hearts and has her name on it, a pink tire cover that has the same tampo and a green license plate with the words "AMY ROSE" on it.

In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the cabriolet becomes more modern looking, losing the tire cover becomes rounded, and gains a larger windshield like a modern Volkswagen Beetle.

As a boat, it becomes a hovercraft, with two fans instead of one. It resembles a Bumper Car hover kart from Sonic Adventure but more like a conventional hovercraft. As a plane it sprouts four jet turbines from the wheels and reveals a small jet booster. The plane form looks like the hovercraft form of Amy's car in Sonic R when it was used to cross the water.


  • It is one of only a few vehicles in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing with doors on it.
  • In Transformed, depending on the vehicle mode, the head lights are in different positions. In the car, they're fully open. In the plane, they're half-open. Finally, in the boat, they are fully closed.
  • In Transformed, the Cabriolet contains speakers on both sides of Amy's seat.
  • Amy's previous car, the Breeze, could have been an inspriation to this vehicle.
  • In transformed the Pink Cabriolet is the one of a few vehicles to have it's transformed modes based on items relating to the characters past.


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