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Pirate Hogan (海賊ホーガン Kaizoku hōgan?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is a mass-produced, pirate-based Badnik model.


The Pirate Hogans have large, round purple bodies with two lines going from their waste up to their shoulder and down their back back towards their belt. The belt itself is also white and has bolts across it, Below its belt, its body is black, with its white cuffed, red feet being unattached to the rest of its body. Pirate Hogans have thick purple arms with white, skeletal palms and a white face. They also have red eyes and two similar eye-like lights on their chests.


Pirate Hogans can only be encountered on the Hidden Islands, and are the only normal enemies in the game to posses a Health Gauge, requiring three hits to destroy. In gameplay, when they spot the player, they swing their mace in the direction of the playable character.

Powers and abilities

Pirate Hogans have strong bodies. Possessing incredible strength, they fight by using a ball and chain, which they swing around above their heads and throw them.

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