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Pirate Storm
Sonic fighting a fire genie in Pirate Storm.
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Sonic and the Secret Rings
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A fleet of pirate ships sailing through stormy seas, filled to the brim with electrifying genies.


Pirate Ship

Stage theme(s)

Coastal theme

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Levitated Ruin

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Skeleton Dome

Playable characters
(story mode)

Sonic the Hedgehog

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Boss fight

Captain Bemoth

Pirate Storm is the sixth World of Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is a series of black and desolate coastlines with shipwrecks, patrolled by pirate galleons.


It is set on a pirate ship which Sonic traveled to under the advice of Sinbad to obtain the Water Blue World Ring to defeat the Ifrit Golem. Sonic defeats Captain Bemoth, the pirate leader, and obtains the Water Blue World Ring, allowing him to control the storms. His mission fulfilled, he travels back to Evil Foundry to challenge the Ifrit Golem.

Big's cameo

Upon reaching the catapult after flying on a cannon rocket, raise the catapult halfway and flick the Wii remote to (hopefully) land in the crow’s nest. Brake for a few seconds and Big can be seen sitting on a mast farther away in mission 1.

At an area with two very tall platforms, attack the disappearing-reappearing genie on the first tall platform, and then land and brake on it for a few seconds. Big can be seen far away, looking at some type of fort.


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Name Length Artist Music Track
No Way Through 4:06 Fumie Kumatani
No Way Through

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