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The Pistol[1][2] is an object that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a gun-type weapon usable to both enemies and the player.


The Pistol is a fairly standard handgun in terms of design, being completely dark grey with a rather thick frame and slide


In gameplay, the Pistol can only be found in certain Stages, such as Westopolis and The Doom. They can be wielded by GUN Soldiers who will use them against the player.

Pistols can be dropped by defeated GUN Soldiers that wield them or released from containers. Touching them will make Shadow pick them up automatically and pressing PSSquareButton/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO/XboxX (whether on the ground or in mid-air) fires them. As a gun, the Pistol can shoot enemies from a distance (targets within range will be automatically targeted). While their range is short and their shots deal low damage, they often appear in abundance, allowing the user to stack up on them easily. A Pistol has a total of twenty shots and once those run out, it becomes useless. However, it can be reloaded with another twenty shots by picking up another Pistol.


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