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The Pit Plunge Roller Coaster is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a rollercoaster in the Thrillworld Theme Park area of the Casino Night Zone which served a disguise for a Badnik operation.


Run by Max Gamble, the Pit Plunge Roller Coaster was marketed as "the ride of your lives" and moved at an incredible speed, followed by a steep plunge underground. At the end of the ride however, is a underground cavern which previously housed a Badnik Processing Plant manned by several Troopers.[1]


For some time, Max Gamble used the Pit Plunge Roller Coaster as a money-spinner. However, one day, Shortfuse the Cybernik boarded the ride to investigate. After the end of it, Shortfuse destroyed the Troopers and snapped the cable that powered the Badnik processor. Shortfuse then brought the passengers back to the surface and confronted Gamble who pretended to know nothing of the Badnik operations, but secretly planned to continue them once Shortfuse was gone. However, despite having no evidence that Gamble was involved, Shortfuse destroyed the track, ending the ride's profitability.[1]


  • During the ride at the beginning of the "Scream Theme Park" story, each cart on the Pit Plunge Roller Coaster could only hold two passengers. When Shortfuse brought a cart loaded with passengers back to the surface however, one cart could hold six people.


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