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This page explains how to obtain every Red star Ring on Planet Wisp.


Act 1

  1. From the start, run across the speedway after the boost pads and stay on the left to grab the white wisps to fill the boost bar. Right after the loop, hold down the boost button to gain more speed. When you hit the boost ramp, you will go flying into the rings above. Hit the spring at the end, then you will run sideways. Avoid the spikes and grab the medal on the right.
  2. After taking the first medal and going across the rails, you will come to an area with an orange capsule ahead. Use the rocket right where you get the capsule to fly up, then steer a bit to te right to collect the second medal as you fall down.
  3. After the first checkpoint (where you are asked to press the jump button to perform a series of moves), you will come to an area with a pink capsule. Use spike power to get across to the right side of the area. There should be two moving platforms with robots if you come from the bottom path, or a slope with a white capsule if you come from above (in this case, stop after the slope and go back left). Right underneath this slope is a small passgeway. You can slide under it with the crouch button. The third medal is right there beyond the passageway.
  4. After the second checkpoint, you will run across a narrow path with robots where you need to move left and right to stay on the path. After the first section, stay on the left and hold down the boost button to gain speed while you run over the boost ramp. You will grab the fourth medal in the air.
  5. After the third checkpoint, use the cannon to go right and jump on the platforms to go and collect the orange capsule to the right. Use the rocket on the left where you should see a line of rings going up. At the top, get the pink capsule and use the spike power. Follow the wall all the way to another pink capsule and keep going up. You should find the last medal up the wall. Double jump to grab it.

Act 2

  1. Shortly after the start you will need to stomp through some metal crates and hit a spring, which will bounce you up into the medal.
  2. After the first medal, you will take a pulley up and follow the path to an area with two orange enemies throwing spike balls. Simply double jump to the center, then once again to the right side where the medal lies in plain view.
  3. Another easy one. After the second medal, you will go through a loop, then go up some platforms and break through crates. On the right, double jump to the spike platforms (in-between) and then go up to get the medal on the left platform.
  4. (Purple Frenzy Needed) Right after the first checkpoint, get the purple capsule, then use frenzy and eat up all the crates on the right. The fourth medal is hidden somewhere in there.
  5. After you go up using the moving stairways, stomp through the crates on the right, then you will dash upwards through some rainbow rings. Instead of hitting the spring above, just let yourself fall back down to the left, where the last medal is.

Act 3

  1. As you start, you will run on a narrow path with robots shooting lasers at you. To get the first medal you must remain on this path to the end. To do so easily, just stay on the middle path to avoid the lasers and double jump over all the gaps. When you reach the end you will run into the medal in the air.
  2. When you start on the narrow path at the beginning, as soon as you can go left, do so and use boost to run and jump across the gap into a cyan capsule. After the narrow path part, you should see a crystal on the way. Use laser power on it to collect the second medal.
  3. After the first checkpoint, go all the way to the right, at the very end of the path with blue blocks. Defeat the robots here and a medal will appear.
  4. After the first checkpoint, get the blue capsule, then go right and break through the crates using cube power to go down. Go left and break through the blue blocks, then collect the medal behind.
  5. At the very end of the level, take the last blue capsule on your path, then use cube to break the crates and jump on the platforms to go right. Double jump to the higher crate and then on the blue blocks to reach the last medal left of the end ring.

Act 4

  1. Shortly after the start, you will be launched into the air doing some moves, then run across a path with falling platforms. Hold down the boost button while on this path so when you hit the dash panel, you will fly higher through some rings. The medal is right after the checkpoint.
  2. Right after the second checkpoint, you will come to some moving platforms with robots that just spin in circle like a wheel. On one of the platforms is a 1 Life and on another is the medal.
  3. When you are on the moving platforms from medal 2, also grab the cyan capsule on one of the platforms. Then go up with the platform on the right and use laser power on the crystal up there. Go left on the path above to find the third medal.
  4. After getting medal 3, go back right and use the rocket power to be launched in the air. While you fall down, stick to the right to fall on top of a rail. The rail will take you to a cannon. Fire upwards to collect the fourth medal above.
  5. After getting medal 4, continue to the right along the next rail and slide under the wall. Use the pulley to get to the end ring. On your way you will collect the last medal.

Act 5

  1. At the start, go right and smash through the yellow blocks, then drop down into the gap on the right. At the very bottom, get the orange capsule, then use the rocket to fly all the way up. As you fall down, fall in-between the spikes to collect the first medal under the spikes.
  2. Right after getting the first medal, go right and double jump to collect the 1 Life in the air. You will then fall directly onto the second medal below.
  3. After the second medal and right before the first checkpoint, jump on the yellow blocks, then drop down just behind the robot where the line of rings is. Get the orange capsule below, then use the rocket there to go up. Fall to the left between the spikes and around them to collect the medal.
  4. (Frenzy Power Needed) After the first checkpoint, grab the purple capsule, then go right and down where the yellow blocks are. Use frenzy to smash through all of them to find the medal on the right.
  5. A bit before the end, you will climb up some yellow blocks with robots shooting them. Defeat the robots first, then jump up the blocks and collect the medal in the top-left corner.

Act 6

  1. At the beginning, you will go through some rails, then fall down (don't land on the dash panel ahead). While falling down and avoiding the numerous Electro Spinners, grab the medal on the right, then fall on the rail to continue.
  2. After the first checkpoint, continue until you get to moving platforms spinning in circle motion. Stand on one and go down. In the middle is the second medal.
  3. After the second medal and after you are launched in the air and asked to press the jump button to perform moves, you will get to an area with a pink capsule. Turn into spikes and cling to the wall above. Follow it to the left and up, then work your way between the crates to get to the top where you'll find the third medal.
  4. After the second checkpoint, when you are climbing up to the top of the structure, after climbing the first set of platforms you should spot a green capsule under a platform on the left. Get it, then continue climbing and keep the power in your possession. When you get half-way to the top, after grabbing a pulley, the camera will pull back to give you a larger view. Use the hover power here to hit the button on the ceiling above. A medal will appear on the right; fly to it.
  5. Right after getting the fourth medal, keep on flying to the right side of the area even if the camera doesn't follow; eventually you will reach a wall when your hover power runs out; try to fall where the line of rings is. You should land on a small plaftorm. Get the pink capsule on the left, then use spikes on the wall and go all the way up to some metal crates. Wait for the power to run out so you are back to your normal form and jump to the crates to the left to find the last medal in the middle.

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