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Sonic Generations
Planet Wisp

Planet Wisp (プラネットウィスプ Puranettou~isupu?) is the ninth Stage in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It originally appeared in Sonic Colors. It appears in the Modern era of the game as the last regular stage. Wisp Color Powers are usable in this stage. The Orange Rocket Wisp is usable with Modern Sonic, and the Pink Spikes Wisp is usable with Classic Sonic.


In Act One, Classic Sonic runs through the trees of Planet Wisp, then most of the rest of the act is spent inside Eggman's factory. There are gears that move and are used to get Classic Sonic through the level when he uses the Pink Spikes Wisp while on the gears. Classic Sonic has to avoid many moving spikes and robots in his way during this act. The Pink Spikes Wisp is exclusive to act one of Planet Wisp.

In Act Two, Modern Sonic goes through the trees and nature of Planet Wisp, and then inside Eggman's factory. Most of the factory is played in 2D side-scrolling style of gameplay. Like Classic Sonic's act, Modern Sonic has to avoid moving spikes and robots in the act. In the middle of the act, Modern Sonic goes through a giant robotic factory, just like in Act 4 of Sonic Colors. The Orange Rocket Wisp is exclusive to act two of Planet Wisp.

Red Star Rings

Act 1

Red Star Ring #1 Follow the path and get yourself on the floating platforms. Watch out for the enemy that pops up her and keeps on attacking. After defeating him, jump through the hoop, and get on top of these floating plats to a floating ground.

Spin Dash Jump across for some rings and 1-up. Jump around the false bumper on the wall to land on the rock hugging the wall under the false bumper. Quickly jump up into the small room and get the Spike Wisp and use it to get the red ring that is in front of you.

Red Star Ring #2 Keep moving on the path till your reach the place where it splits into two. Get on the top path and spin dash jump to make it through. This ring is covered with fire so jump over the gaps and enemies to reach it.

Red Star Ring #3 After getting the last ring, get on top of the falling platforms to the area above. If you miss it, don’t sweat. If you fall down, spin dash up and platforms come back.

Look for the ring hanging around. Get down to the simple ramp off, and do a full spin dash up. It will launch you directly into the ring. If you still miss, tilt Sonic as you move up.

Red Star Ring #4 After getting the last ring, keep moving on the same path. Get past the floating platforms and up over the enemy. Get the pink Wisp on the fast lifts. Kill the enemies off the wall. When you hit the second enemy, activate wisp and stick to the wall. Make your way down and across the wall up to get the fourth red ring.

Red Star Ring #5 After dealing with saws and spike wisps, you will reach the point where the camera zooms out for a big slope. You will see a red hoop and the last ring. Jump mid way down to get this ring.

Act 2

Red Star Ring #1 Take the top route and get yourself in a cannon and shoot. Follow the path and you will come across 3 bees and a worker bot. Home attack to reach the top. Make your way through here and you will see the red ring under you on a tree top. You can jump down to get it.

Red Star Ring #2 Make your way through the factory and to a point where you see missiles flying as you go up to the floating platforms. Watch the pink platforms when you reach the very top, wait for the missiles to go crazy and jump up to grab the rocket wisp.

Use it to reach the top. From here, make your way up to the green lifts and you will notice a pink one-off to your right. Jump on this and if you time your jump up, you will reach this red ring. If you somehow failed, this platform will come back.

Red Star Ring #3 Stay on top and watch the pink platforms in front of you as you make your across to the checkpoint and spring. Stay on top here and take your time before you try to reach at the end of the trail for this red ring.

Red Star Ring #4 You will find this ring in the Mine Cart area. Take the top path and jump through the orange hoops to land on a piece of equipment launching out mine carts. Time your jump on the mine cart and follow it to the end of the trail.

Keep following this path and you will encounter some worms. Fight them but be careful as you can fall off. Eventually, you will find a rocket wisp to launch you into the air and break open the ceiling.

Keep following this path up and you will come across a pulley guarded by a missile launcher with this ring.

Red Star Ring #5 In the carts area, get on the carts going left. Make sure you are on top most cart. Get an orange wisp on the way and try to learn the pattern of rings indicating you should use the wisp. Look for the red ring in the center, right before you smash the platforms.

When you get all the rings above, you unlock Ring Energy Bonus.

Challenge Acts

Act 1

Act 2



  • The start of the level takes place outside the factory featuring platforming on the Planet's trees, while the original level in Sonic Colors was almost entirely set inside Eggman's factory.
  • While the Act 2 remix of Planet Wisp sounds almost exactly like the original music (Act 1 to be percise), the Act 1 remix of Planet Wisp has a darker tone, which is reminiscent of the bad future versions of Sonic CD's stages, also sounding similar to Asteroid Coaster from Sonic Colors. Both of them share the theme of Eggman destroying the environment.
  • At the end of both acts, the tractor beam generator can be seen.
  • After the Rocket Wisp is used, Modern Sonic doesn't skydive as he descends like he did in Sonic Colors.
  • At certain points, there can be warp glitchs when using the Pink Spike Wisp, as it takes you the last place you used the Pink Spikes Wisp.
  • This stage is often compared to Sandopolis Zone from Sonic & Knuckles, both being the longest levels in the game. Coincidentally, exclusive enemies to this stage are SandWorms, which were enemies that were also exclusive in Sandopolis Zone.
  • This is the only Modern Era level without an urban theme. It's also the only forest themed stage in the game.
  • This is the only Modern level to have the Goal Ring appear in a side-scrolling section of the level in the main act.
  • This is the only stage in the console version of Sonic Generations to appear exclusively on Nintendo consoles prior to this game.
  • In the Sonic Generations soundtrack, the Classic remix of Planet Wisp is the only song in the Modern era not to integrate the faster Power Sneakers version into the track.


Sonic Generations Planet Wisp (Classic) 1080 HD03:24

Sonic Generations Planet Wisp (Classic) 1080 HD

Sonic Generations Planet Wisp (Modern) 3'23"93 1080 HD03:53

Sonic Generations Planet Wisp (Modern) 3'23"93 1080 HD

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