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The PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita, also known as the PS Vita, is Sony's successor to the PSP. So far, four Sonic games have been released for Vita; this includes downloadable re-releases of PSP games and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

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Sony PS vita


Upcoming Games

  • Samurai and Dragons (Playable Cameo) [1]

Downloadable Games

PlayStation TV

PS (Vita) TV

A person holding a PlayStation TV Black Model

On November 14, 2013, the PlayStation TV (known as the PlayStation Vita TV or PS Vita TV in Japan) was released in Japan and on Sony's E3 Press Coference on June 9, 2014, the PS TV was announced for Western Release. The PlayStataion TV is a non-portable variant console of the PlayStation Vita. Like the PS Vita, the PS TV allows most Vita games along with most downloadable PS Vita, PS Now, and PSP Games using the DualShock 3 or a DualShock 4 (for PS Vita games that require touch gestures) and it has 1 GB of internal memory though it can be expanded using a PS Vita Memory Card. In addition to playing downloadable games along with PS Vita games, the PS TV also includes PS4 Link where it allows the player to connect with the PlayStation 4 System remotely and wirelessly and play any PS4 games from it, a process similar to Remote Play. Although some games may require a touch screen, it's not playable if its connected with a DualShock 4 (after a 3.10 update for the PS TV on March 25, 2014). The PlayStation TV is planned to be released in North America by October 14, 2014 and later in the PAL Regions by November 14 at a cost of US$99 or €99 with a bundle available at US$139.99.


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