The Popgun is an object that appears in Sonic the Fighters. It is Fang the Sniper's weapon of choice and main form of offense. Fang can fire it rapidly or fire one massive shot at the opponent.

Concept and creation

Stt TTBeta

One of the screenshots from earlier development of Sonic Triple Trouble. It shows Fang pointing his revolver at Sonic.

During the development of Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble, Fang was supposed to have a silver magnum or revolver to further make him resemble a cowboy, but the idea was scrapped due to maturity issues. One infamous development screenshot shows Fang aiming his revolver at Sonic the Hedgehog to scare or shoot him.


  • The corks can be spammed at the opponents in Sonic the Fighters, giving them less chance to move. This attack works especially well on CPUs, but can be deflected by a Spin Dash.

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