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Sonic the Hedgehog (Shogaku Ninensei)
Pops Out of the Time Box Whenever There's a Crisis!

Pops out of the time box whenever there&#039;s a crisis!

The first panel of the manga strip with the debut of Charmy Bee.

Pops Out of the Time Box Whenever There's a Crisis! is the third manga strip featured in Shogaku Ninensei's Sonic the Hedgehog manga series. The story has been written and illustrated by Sango Morimoto and released on September issue of Shogaku Ninensei in 1992.


Nikki is having summer vacation and he is helping his father Paulie delivering airmail on his biplane. Nikki finds a mystical box among the mail without an address written on it. Paulie has no idea where the box is to be delivered. Right after that, they, along with the biplane, get eaten by a large whale-like airship piloted by Dr. Eggman who imprisons them to find out the connection between them and Sonic. He throws Paulie inside one of his inventions called "The Eggman Shaker" and then asks him about Sonic. However, Paulie is intoxicated due to the effects of the doctor's invention and is unable to answer Eggman's question properly.

Eggman subsequently throws Nikki inside the Eggman Shaker, but after doing that, he finds the shaking cup empty. Sonic then appears for Eggman's suprise, while Paulie gets also exalted. However Sonic gets trapped in a water cup, as Eggman explains water is his weak point, and threatens Sonic to keep him there until he gets answer about his powers. As Sonic almost drowns inside the water cup, Charmy Bee suddenly pops out the mystical Time Box and activates the feature of the Time Box. He then rewinds time to point where Sonic is able to avoid getting trapped inside the water cup.



  • This marks the first appearance of Charmy Bee in his original incarnation before making his first video game appearance three years later in Knuckles' Chaotix.
  • The note in the margin on first page mentions Charmy being partner of Sonic. This is not further elaborated on.
  • The red biplane that Paulie pilots is extremely similar to Tornado.