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The Power Gong[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is a gong-like device that the the player can use to reach far away areas with Power Type characters.


The Power Gong is very similar to a suspended gong in appearance. The flat disc is on one side red with a smaller blue circle containing a yellow star and the other side has several circles with a red outer ring, grey inner rings and a red middle. The disc itself is held up by an arch-shaped frame that lies closely up along the edges of disc with a hinge on top.


In gameplay, the Power Gong's function is to send the playable character flying through the air to another area of the Stages, essentially serving as either a shortcut, alternate route or only means of getting to another location. When using it, the Power Gong will flip over and push the player through the air with a powerful hit from the rear. Only Power Type characters are able to interact with it. To use the Power Gong successfully in gameplay, the player must use a Forward Power Attack on it up close.


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