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Quotation1 This world and Dr. Eggman's world exist in separate dimensions. Each of us can think of the other as what is known as a "parallel universe." What makes this possible is this so-called "Power of the Stars." Quotation2
Eggman Nega, Sonic Rush Adventure
The Egg Wizard tapping into the Power of the Stars

The Power of the Stars is an force of immense power that appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is the force that ensures the existence of parallel dimensions.


Little information is revealed about the Power of the Stars. According to Eggman Nega, the Power of the Stars is a form of energy that separates and sustains the existence of parallel dimensions, such as Sonic's dimension and the Sol Dimension, allowing them to co-exist.

While the upper limit of the Power of the Stars is unknown, it is known that it far surpasses even the combined power of the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds, and that just a fraction of it is enough to completely annihilate Blaze's kingdom. It is said that the user of the Power of the Stars has the power to destroy both of the realms. It can also, if the user wishes this, merge the two realms together and the user of the power reigns as king of that realm. It has a connection with the Jeweled Scepter, which is the key to tapping the Power of the Stars, which can only be done in some ancient ruins deep beneath Southern Island


Considering the Power of the Stars facilitate the existence of different dimensions, it can be assumed that it has existed at least since the creation of parallel dimensions. In the Sol Dimension's ancient past, an unknown civilization learned of the existence of the Power of the Stars and learned how to unlock it and harness its power with the Jeweled Scepter. Over time, the knowledge about the Power of the Stars eventually faded into legends.

In Sonic Rush Adventure, the Power of the Stars became the main target of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Eggman Nega. After Eggman was informed of this power's existence by Eggman Nega, the two of them planned to harness the Power of the Stars and use it to create Eggmanland upon both Sonic's dimension and the Sol Dimension. To harness this power, they needed the Jeweled Scepter. They therefore created Captain Whisker and his pirate crew to seek out the Jeweled Scepter, while they sought for the place to unlock the Power of the Stars.

Despite the interference by Sonic, Blaze, Tails and Marine, the two doctors managed to get a hold of the Jeweled Scepter and traveled to beneath Southern Island to unlock the Power of the Stars. Once there, the doctors' Egg Wizard managed to unleash the Power of the Stars and gained immeasurable power. The doctors then prepared to use it to kill Sonic and Blaze and bring the worlds to their knees, but were defeated by the combined efforts of Super Sonic, Burning Blaze and Marine, thus ending their use of the Power of the Stars. The Jeweled Scepter itself was afterwards taken into the custody of Blaze and her guards to keep anyone from abusing the scepter or the Power of the Stars again.

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